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667 - 06/23/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Roblox Oof Sound Stolen, Tesla Racing Game

  • There is no live show on June 30th, so stay safe until July 7th!
  • VOG is sponsoring the Southern Fried Gaming Expo on July 12-14th in Atlanta. Come play some pinball and arcade!
  • Tesla cars got a racing game that uses the touchsccreen - Beach Buggy Racing 2 - but it could possibly damage your tires and brakes if you play it with the actual steering wheel and brake pedal.
  • Kids game development platform Roblox has been accused of stealing it's meme-filled "Oof" dying sound from a Tommy Tallarico game from 2000.
  • Then we take calls about audio licensing, Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest, and a special podcast birthday.

Southern Fried Gaming Expo!

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How to binge play Beach Buggy Racing 2 on Tesla without damaging tires: car/auto lift
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