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656 - 04/07/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Epic Store Exclusives, Game Accessibility Debate

  • We had a viewer comment on which segment of the population would be most upset about Google Stadia, and it isn't those with bandwidth caps.
  • This does segway into a history lesson about the fastest internet in America that was driven by socialism (and subsequently limited before it could reach out further.)
  • Borderlands 3 has been announced to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and people just aren't buying it.
  • A debate around accessibility has been launched around Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but I don't think it should be just an "easy mode" even though I only play easy games.
  • Then we take calls about easy mode in games and upcoming video game movies.

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4/12/2019 3:31 PM

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On topic of easy mode:

Easy mode and accessibility is not the same in my opinion. My interpretation is a follows:

Easy mode: Enemies doing less damage, you doing more damage, dumb down AI, you leveling up faster.

Accessibility: color blind mode, able to change key bindings, easier to navigate menus, ability to use different hardware/controllers...basically quality of life implementations

A popular game that's difficult and have ease of accessibility is Flappy Birds

I'm all for easy mode in video games as long as there's no pay (real world money)-to-advance option like in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Devil May Cry 5.

I would say there should be an exception on Sekiro, and that game should not have a easy mode

It would disrespect it's fans (who played bloodborne, Dark Souls series). It's the creator's/dev's intent for the game to be difficult, and to have players persevere through patience and hard work/learning from your mistakes to defeat the boss/beat the game

If the devs don't believe there should be an easy mode, that's really up to them, as it is their vision for the game (unless they're forced by publisher).

This type of game is not for everyone and it's not meant to be.
They want to be specific to the type of experience they're making.

I see it as a difficult mountain climb. Yes, they can build an air lift for everyone to reach the top, but person who owns the mountain/have you pay enterence fee wants climbers to have the satisfaction of the journey, and climb it for themselves

If the developer don't want to build a air lift for the mountain they've created, don't force them to.

At the end of the day; play with the cards you are dealt when playing these types of games, or git gud
4/12/2019 3:37 PM

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For those with physical disabilities and not able to play games normally with a regular controller; there's a great option through the xbox adaptive controller
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