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649 - 02/17/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Tetris 99, Activision Blizzard

The Battle Royale Worth Playing - Tetris 99

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Having spent the week with the Daemon X Machina demo I have some thoughts on it:

I definitely enjoyed this demo! there's a ton of customization, both your avatar's facial features and uniform colors, as well as your mech (and its interchangeable parts) can be fully customized with different colors as well.

As for the game itself controlling your mech was easy enough, and the demo had a good enough difficulty curve where the first couple missions were easy but then the last two are just a little more difficult. (the last one really ramps it up though took me a few days to knock that one out!)

Overall I was surprised how much fun I had with the demo, and will definitely look into picking this up when it releases later this year!
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