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647 - 01/27/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Anthem Server Issues, Metroid Prime 4 Restart

  • We talked about a comment from Discord about immersion and VR, and how it desensitizes people from violence.
  • Anthem had some server issues during their demo - and I explain why they happened even though every multiplayer game release has issues.
  • Mobile game Westworld Mobile is being shut down because Bethesda alleged that they stole code from Fallout Shelter.
  • Nintendo has announced that Metroid Prime 4 is being delayed by them starting over with a new developer.
  • Because nobody called on Discord, we vamped about Kingdom Hearts 3 and then talked to OLR about Kingdom Hearts 3.

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2/1/2019 2:47 PM

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I also got the kingdom hearts 3 promotion a few years back on Amazon for $40. Technically $30 if you count $10 Amazon credit pre order bonus.

There is a in-game 'Memory Archive' for KH3, if you want to catch up on plot and themes of prior installments. Think this was in the day one patch so reviewers didn't get it.

Hope anthem doesn't go the same route as fallout 76 which also had bad reception during public beta.

I tend to skip out on 'games as a service' and not pre-order as the price for base game tend to drop fairly quickly a few months after launch, if not sooner

Only incentive/advantage of purchasing early is to gain more exp, lvls than those who join later... Also pre-order bonuses if you're into that
2/2/2019 2:51 AM

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Additional comment on launches and pre-orders:

Have you seen "ways to play anthem" chart EA released? totally ridiculous
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