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644 - 01/06/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Star Control: Origins Takedown, MAGFest Reminiscing

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1/13/2019 11:06 AM

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Great episode and fantastic tribute to MAGfest Bobby. I was unable to listen to the show live last week because I was actually driving back from MAGfest.

I hope to talk about the Festival more in greater length but this was one of the better MAGfests that I attended in the many years I have gone. Despite the hotel situation where I had to stay at a hotel 2 miles away and had to shuttle/Rideshare back and forth the whole weekend, it ended up being very manageable.

The funny story about the Brony-Con lanyards. In the "Stories behind MAGfest" Panel they spoke about those lanyards. It turns out that their usual supplier of the festivals lanyards was unable to deliver this years lanyards on time. So MAGfest made a quick deal with Bronycon (who had staff at MAGfest) who sold MAGfest their lanyards. Amusingly enough the next day (Thursday morning) their usual lanyards arrived and were swapped out and the left over BronyCon lanyards were sold back to them.
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