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630 - 09/30/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Forza Horizon 4 Impressions, Oculus Quest

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On eps 629:

A workaround for the 7 days can be to have a trusted neighbor log in for you while you're in vacation like if you have them look after your pets, mail, etc.

What if they're not tech savvy or forget?

There's always the line, "you had one job"

What if you want to play your switch during the 7 days?

You are on VACATION.

Not getting the PS1 Classic. The graphics are dated IMO. At least in 16bit era it has an artistic flare. PS1 era looks very pixelated compared to today's standards, esp if you can't really make out character's faces. Also there's experimentation with 3d space, so some games have janky gameplay esp platformers.
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