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573 - 06/04/17 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Star Trek: Bridge Crew, NeoHabitat MMO Revival

  • I got to try Star Trek: Bridge Crew with the HTC Vive, and as an Artemis player, I have to say...they got it right.
  • The world's first virtual MMO - Habitat on the Commodore 64 - has been revived thanks to The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, and it brought back many memories of a glorious one month of my childhood before I was grounded for costing my parents too much money.
  • Then we take calls about Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the new Steam Direct pricing.
  • This episode went up late - I apologize - the pre-E3 episode from June 11th will go up on Friday. The passphrase from this episode will be valid for two weeks.

Reliving Memories of Lucasfilm's Habitat

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