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561 - 03/12/17 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Xbox Game Pass, Oculus Rift Price Cut

  • The Nintendo Switch has now been out a week and there's already more games for it - and I was able to get a Pro Controller.
  • I did accidentally break my kickstand, but was able to pop it back in before my stream of Fast RMX.
  • I checked out VOEZ, the mobile rhythm game that only works on the Switch touchscreen.
  • Sony released the 4.5 update and allows for external hard drives!
  • Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-like service of downloadable games.
  • Oculus has dropped the price of the Rift and Touch, is it time for you to get it?
  • Then we take calls about PSVR getting 3D, Danganronpa Class Trial VR and the Nintendo Switch.

Fast RMX Stream

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