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Supernatural 12.02: Mamma Mia

Supernatural 12.02: Mamma Mia

Written By:
Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming
Directed By:
Thomas J. Wright

Despite the fact that it was written by the series’ worst contributors, this episode managed to keep the solid foundation laid down by the premiere while building on it in important ways.  Even the inclusion of Rowena couldn’t undermine the better developments, as we saw the evolution of Lucifer and gained more insight into the British Men of Letters.  Oh, and the Winchesters had some important family time along the way! 



I have to hand it to Toni, she knows how to employ all the best tricks in the book when it comes to psychological warfare.  It’s a bit surprising that she didn’t start with the pillow talk option, if she was willing to go there in the first place.  It says a lot about Toni, if not the organization as a whole, that she would dispassionately use every trick in the book to achieve her goals.  I happen to like that aspect of her character, since it makes her something of a match for the Brothers Winchester.


Equally interesting is the implication that the Men of Letters have been watching the Winchesters for a while, and have an agenda to pursue that they feel the brothers may complicate.  Toni seems to have gotten off-message by going right for the pain; the notion of attempting to enlist them in said mission seems a lot more reasonable.  That’s unlikely now, and it doesn’t help that there is a hitman waiting in the wings if Sam and/or Dean prove to be an obstacle.  Which, of course, means they will, though I suspect Toni will eventually come to see things from a more generous perspective before season’s end.



The writers seemed to be going for a mother/son theme with this episode, contrasting the positive vibes of Mama Winchester with her sons to the more combative relationship between Rowena and Crowley.  It doesn’t help that Rowena is still nails-on-chalkboard irritating from portrayal to dialogue.  This is neatly counterbalanced by a surprisingly good turn by Rick Springfield as Lucifer.  He’s no Mark Pellegrino, but he brings a particular menace that I can appreciate.


It’s still not clear how the various pieces are meant to fit together; while Mary’s inclusion with her sons fits fine with the Men of Letters intrigue, the side story with Lucifer and Crowley seems a bit off on its own for now.  Still, it’s just the second episode of the season, and there is plenty of time for all the pieces to come together when the time is right.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Mama Winchester is one of the best additions to the cast in a long time
  • The Men of Letters intrigue is a nice change of pace
The Bad:
  • As good as Rick Springfield is, the Lucifer material seems disconnected from the rest

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