Starboard Power Coupling

The Starboard Power Coupling podcast is geared for the hardest of hardcore Trekkies. Your hosts have a plethora of opinions about every movie and episode, and speculate on where the world of Star Trek will head next. We encourage you to participate via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Your voice is always welcome over subspace.

We’re back from the Cruise! We’ll dish the details.  Rob Roberts Troi returns to the show and we’ve got a surprise for him! Finally, on this week’s away mission, we unpack the Season 2 Episode of Star Trek Discovery, but don’t worry we’re not covered in Tellarite Brains. All this - and more - on the Starboard Power Coupling Podcast - A Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn’t fail.

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Review of the Short Trek: The Brightest Star

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A review of Short Trek: Calypso

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The crew reviews the first Shot Trek: Runaway

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Will these small bites of Trek quench your thirst?  We’ll Explain. ST: DSC has a Release… month.  Not enough ST: DSC? Play some Star Trek Online.   All this and more, on the Starboard Power Coupling Podcast - a Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn’t fail.

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While the Captain is away, Dr. Ken and Eddy will play... with special guest Rob Roberts from Orange Lounge Radio! Rob talks a little bit about his experience at DragonCon, then we cover the news including some well deserved awards for Discovery! And, could the next Star Trek film be in danger due to some actors walking out of negotiations? Find out on this all new episode of the podcast you hope doesn't fail- Starboard Power Coupling!

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Picard is back!!

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It’s time to sail away, sail away, far far away - like in the way future… Star Trek Online finally makes a … Discovery.  Also, do you want a BA in Trekness? And, it’s ST Las Vegas and we’ll bring you the biggest sensor echoes. And, oh yeah, some trailer thingy came out for ST: DISC.

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Comic Con is coming up soon, and we'll give our predictions!  A new Star Trek game is out, but it's all about the cards.  And, is "Mr. Broccoli" a villain now?

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The crew reassembles to bring you the latest news and opinions around the Trekiverse!

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