Star Wars Rebels Review by John Keegan

Star Wars Rebels 3.12/3.13: Ghosts of Geonosis

Star Wars Rebels 3.12/3.13: Ghosts of Geonosis

Written By:
Dave Filoni, Matthew Michnovetz, and Steven Melching
Directed By:
Saul Ruiz and Mel Zwyer

Considering that “Ghosts of Geonosis” is a two-part episode and features the return of Saw Gerrera on the heels of his appearance in Rogue One, including voice work by Forrest Whitaker (who portrayed him in that film), there was a lot of hope that this would be a major turning point in the ongoing saga.  If nothing else, would Saw’s more extreme perspective on the Rebellion feed into Ezra’s apparent internal conflict?



Oddly enough, the episode more or less continues the process of watering down Ezra’s crisis of conscience, keeping him on a more sympathetic arc rather than having him get too tempted by Saw’s tactics or attitude?  There’s some nice tension, and updates regarding the fate of the Geonosians and so forth, but it actually feels like the writers decided to avoid tying Rebels more directly into Rogue One, even when references to the Death Star began falling into place.


The entire plot reduces down to a surviving Geonosian reprogramming old battle droids from the Clone Wars era to protect an egg that could mean a future for the species, possibly reversing the genocide committed by the Empire.  Saw wants revenge for the death of his team at the hands of the droids, but beyond lots of posturing, there’s just not a lot there.  And for someone that would become a liability to the Rebellion for going too far, Saw is rather tame.  One would expect at least something tying to that character point would have been explored, given the time and depth allowed by the double episode.



It’s hard not to look at this episode through the eyes of expectation, because the inclusion of Saw Gerrera, the location of Geonosis, and the double-length made it seem as though this would be a big installment that drove the season arc forward.  Instead, it’s actually quite forgettable in the end, right down to the almost laughably easy escape from the Imperials.  I’m beginning to agree with those who suggest the third season of Star Wars Rebels has lost direction.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Some nice connections to the overall continuity
The Bad:
  • The episode never meets the stakes implied by several story elements

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