Sleepy Hollow

An update of Washington Irving's classic tale about Ichabod Crane, who wakes up in the 21st century but finds his 18th-century nemesis, the Headless Horseman, has also come along for the ride.

A quest to kill Moloch is the next mission undertaken by Abbie and Ichabod, but only if they can find a weapon powerful enough and the Headless Horseman doesn't get in the way.

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A series of strange deaths at Tarrytown Psych leads to a shocking discovery of the spirit involved.

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Henry sends a succubus that will drain the life forces from its victims, so Ichabod and Abbie set out to stop it.

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Katrina's in grave danger, but Ichabod and Abbie may run out of time to save her.

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Sheriff Corbin's son returns to Sleepy Hollow after serving in combat, but his unusual behavior makes Abbie and Ichabod suspicious.

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An undead Weeping Lady in Sleepy Hollow is actually a woman from Ichabod's past who's bent on destruction. Meanwhile, Katrina and Ichabod discover disturbing news about each other; and Abbie is surprised by flirtatious encounters.

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Abbie and Ichabod's search for a missing child leads to the discovery of a demonic Pied Piper whose ties to the tot's family go back centuries.

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A violent bank robbery puts Ichabod and Abbie on a quest for a mysterious silver coin that possesses unusual power. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving faces a difficult choice involving his family; and the bond between the Mills sisters is tested.

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Ichabod and Abbie hatch a desperate plan to rescue Katrina from the Headless Horseman that involves a Frankenstein-type monster created by Benjamin Franklin. Meanwhile, Frank's revelation about his encounter with a demon gets him in more trouble; and Jenny clashes with the new sheriff.

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In the Season 2 premiere, Ichabod is buried alive in a coffin; Abbie's in danger of spending an eternity in purgatory; Katrina is a reluctant guest of the Headless Horseman; Capt. Irving is in jail on a murder charge; and Jenny is in a car accident.

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