Sleepy Hollow Review by John Keegan

Sleepy Hollow 4.04: The People v Ichabod Crane

Sleepy Hollow 4.04: The People v Ichabod Crane

Written By:
Sam Chalsen
Directed By:
Jim O'Hanlon

Picking up where the end of the previous installment left off, this episode digs deep into Ichabod’s current psyche, exploring his internal guilt and self-doubt over the death of Abbie Mills, among many others.  It’s a bit surprising to see that Ichabod is in such a dark place, especially considering that he has always been a character of great resilience.  Claims that Ichabod hasn’t cared much about Abbie’s demise are certainly addressed, and it doesn’t seem like the matter is wrapped up with a bow, either.



That’s not to say that Ichabod doesn’t fight back against his personal demons; he actually mounts quite a defense.  It’s just that Henry Parrish, played capably by John Noble as the personification of Ichabod’s damning internal dialogue, manages to counter each and every move.  And he finally brings up what many in the audience must wonder: how can Ichabod not only move on so quickly from Abbie, but also be so willing to offer up a child to the same fate?


Meanwhile, while Ichabod is trapped by the creature that is indicting him in his own mind, Team Witness works to free him from its clutches.  Now that the introductions to the characters have been handled (more or less), we’re getting to see them interact more and show some further growth.  They are still thinly drawn at this point, but they are starting to find some chemistry.  This is critical, since Diana won’t be able to overcome her (quite rational) misgivings if Team Witness doesn’t present itself as a strong united front. 



Everyone is now going to be aware that Dreyfuss is the architect behind the demonic activity in Washington, and that will also help to unify the team.  Nothing brings a Scooby Gang together like a common enemy, and Dreyfuss is the kind of villain that people can love to hate in this current political climate.  What should come soon, however, is more explanation as to his motivations.  I also hope that his self-absorbed complaining in this episode is an aberration, because that sort of whining will get old very quickly.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • The strongest episode of the season yet, thanks to solid character study
  • Leaving the door open for the creature to return is a good sign
The Bad:
  • Dreyfuss is better as an amoral businessman than a whiny one

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