Sleepy Hollow Review by John Keegan

Sleepy Hollow 4.03: Heads of State

Sleepy Hollow 4.03: Heads of State

Written By:
M. Raven Metzner
Directed By:
Kellie Cyrus

In an unexpected move for the series, the next threat is the President of the United States.  Madam President is targeted by none other than the Headless Horseman, and this catches the attention of Ichabod, as one would certainly expect it to do.  Especially since “heads of state”, literally, are supposedly full of mystical power, and Headless would very much like one.    



This leads to the discovery of mystical protective barriers throughout Washington, and Ichabod recalls conversations he once had with Benjamin Banneker, the Revolutionary civil right activist that helped to design the layout of Washington (more or less).  This, in turn, reveals to Joe that Ichabod is in fact a “man out of time” and his identity as a Witness is revealed.  As is the connection to Molly and her apparent Witness status, which makes Diana rather less than pleased.


It’s hard to argue with her reaction to the situation, because what parent would want to have their child involved in apocalyptic events?  Especially as Diana gets more and more experience with the kind of world Ichabod and his new Team Witness has to manage.  I like that she tries, at least for a little while, to walk away with the intention of staying out of the madness.  It will of course not be so easy, but it makes sense for her to attempt it. 



It turns out that the key to dealing with Headless, at least for now, is in the hands of Dreyfuss.  Since the audience already knows that Dreyfuss is the architect of a lot of the recent badness, it’s interesting to see how they all bounce of each other.  It’s fairly clear that Dreyfuss was willing to help them trap Headless so that he could make a deal, but the endgame is still unclear.  Jeremy Davies is clearly having fun, but hopefully the character will get some defined motivations soon.


This is probably the strongest episode of the season, and not only because Headless is involved.  It feels like the writers are moving past the initial awkwardness of the shift in locale and premise, and the new cast is slowly but surely finding its rhythm.  I have no expectations for what the future may hold for Sleepy Hollow beyond this season, so all I want is a solid story arc and plenty of fun Ichabod-isms in the meantime.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Headless is always a fun villain!
  • The cast feels like it is finally starting to gel again
The Bad:
  • Joe hitting on Miss Jenny…just give up already, dude

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