Sleepy Hollow

An update of Washington Irving's classic tale about Ichabod Crane, who wakes up in the 21st century but finds his 18th-century nemesis, the Headless Horseman, has also come along for the ride.

Washington, D.C., is menaced by a monster that haunts its victims with their painful memories and experiences, forcing the team to look for salvation in their own weaknesses.

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A new threat to officials in Washington, D.C., comes in the form of an old adversary of Ichabod's. Meanwhile, Jake's familiarity with the city's network of tunnels could help uncover an important secret about the past.

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Witchcraft may be involved in a new case, but Ichabod isn't sure if Diana will believe it.

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Season 4 begins with Ichabod and Jenny still reeling from Abbie's tragic death, but Ichabod's new mission in Washington, D.C., brings unlikely alliances in his quest to locate the next Witness.

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The lives of Sleepy Hollow residents will never be the same in the Season 2 finale, and a special relationship suffers irreparable damage.

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Abbie and Ichabod try to prevent the reawakening of a formidable coven of witches. Meanwhile, Jenny discovers some unsettling news about Frank.

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Nick Hawley gets help from Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny as he confronts his sinister childhood caretaker. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving adjusts to his new surroundings.

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The strange death of an art restorer at a party for the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society sparks Ichabod and Katrina's memories of their old friend Abigail Adams. Meanwhile, the police precinct has a surprise visitor.

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Ichabod and Abbie meet Orion, an angel who may be able to help them in the aftermath of their showdown with Moloch. Meanwhile, Katrina isn't quite ready to give up on Abraham.

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Sacrifices are made and loyalties are put to the test in the fight of good vs. evil.

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