Shaking And Crying

Veteran podcaster Rob Roberts and cosplay artist Arya Snark (but you can call her "Victoria") team up to bring you this weekly look at geek culture and pop culture with a tongue in cheek edge. The only things guaranteed are a whole lot of tangents and a whole lot of sass. So "let's gossip" each week on this podcast that will leave you... Shaking and Crying.

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Victoria is back from Emerald City Comic Con to tell us some stories about her cosplay, a scary fall (but the dress is okay!), and a random drag show that happened to be that night. Random drag shows following Victoria when she travels- GO FIGURE. In the news, we talk about Uber and Lyft, and the amount of money people might REALLY be making on the service. Ya know, when you factor in all those other costs. What's the best way to maximize your profits come tax time? And hey, with that leftover money maybe you can afford to go to a dont-call-it-disney brunch!

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It's the night before Victoria takes a big trip out of town to show off her latest cosplay, so what better way to celebrate than buying a new car? Also, will we be watching the academy awards this weekend? Will gaming ever have an awards ceremony as prestigious as the academy awards or will the industry just never get one? In other news, Fahrenheit 451 is set to become a movie, which is going to be a GREAT excuse to talk about Victoria's big role in community theater. Tangents like this and more await on an all new episode!

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It's all about the streaming services with Netflix and Chill... or is it Queer Eye and Cry? Victoria talks a bit about the reboot of Queer Eye that just hit Netflix, while Rob talks about a new Muppets show rumored for Disney's online service. Will they turn EVERYTHING Disney into something for the service? It sure seems like it. Also, we talk about breakfast cereal! Nom Nom Nom... but is Rob a freak because of the way he eats his? You be the judge... and hear us respond to lots of your feedback this week too! (Thanks!)

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It's a very special Valentine's Day episode of Shaking and Crying! Come and feel the love with Rob and Victoria as we talk about our weeks, including new diets and new spin classes involving SHOWTUNES. Also, those Olympic things are going on, but does anything else matter besides figure skating? Hmmm, we shall see. In the news, we talk about some big Disney changes including new rides, and new prices to go with those rides. Are we still crazy excited about Disney Parks, or will these price hikes keep us away? Also, could Daylight Savings Time stay on all year long so we could have one more hour of sunlight at the parks?

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In this episode we talk about porn! Okay now that we have your attention we should clarify it's the emotional porn of shows like America's Got Talent that keep us up so very very late at night. Something that gives Victoria feels is a team she doesn't like very much NOT winning the Super Bowl!

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On this weeks episode featuring complete utter garbage people, Victoria took a very morbid trip over the weekend. However if you were paying attention last week perhaps it won't surprise you much after all. And also, did you know Rob is good at judging people? Yup he got asked to judge over the weekend as well. Then it's time for headlines, which includes a cast announcement for Celebrity Big Brother. How does Victoria do on a pop quiz on who these people actually are? Or does she even care or is she too busy packing for the upcoming Harry Potter Cruise?

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Cat People and Dog People-- one of us is definitley in one column and the other the other. We start this week with discussion on our pets, which of course leads to just a tangent or two. Rob & Victoria get to the week's headlines including Amazon making a store that you can go into and pretend to steal things off the shelves and walk out! Too bad you still have to pay for it. What are they selling there anyway, and would we be interested? Then we talk about that Arts & Culture app that's gone crazy viral this week. Let's hope we can find some culture!

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Firsties! It's time for the very first episode of Shaking and Crying, a new podcast from Rob Roberts and Arya "Victoria" Snark. We introduce ourselves and talk about some memories from the past. Including dark moments we don't speak of anymore. In the news, we discuss controversial YouTube changes that have a lot of smaller content producers MAD ABOUT IT. In the television world, it seems like yet another reboot may be on the horizon. How do you reboot Lost when we all know how it ends though? And are we getting sick of all these reboots and remakes or do we forgive some?

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