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Rob Roberts, AKA Skie, is one of the co-hosts of Orange Lounge Radio here on the VOG Network. You can follow him on Twitter at @MrRobRoberts

...Let's be real-- if Dead Island: Riptide is a game that sounds up your alley, the plot is of no consequence to you. You are here to kill zombies in as many creative possible ways as you can. You want it bloody and you want it laced with profanity like any good its-so-bad-its-good B movie. Actually, the B movie comparisons wouldn't get out of my head during my time spent playing Dead Island: Riptide. Calling this game the equivalent of a B movie in video games isn't far off the mark. Cutting some corners with visuals to suit the lower budget? Check. Over the top voice acting that makes the events of the game sound bigger than something it really is? Check. Does it feel like a lower grade version of something we've seen before? Yeah, check... (Click More... for More)

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Microsoft's Kinect device is moving into it's third year, and still seems to be most well known for two types of genre games-- workout games and dancing games. I suppose, however, if you are going to do one thing (or two in this case), do it well. Dance Central, in it's third release on the Xbox 360 this past Tuesday, remains the peak of dancing games on the Xbox 360. And with a built in Fitness mode, it takes care of the workout game genre pretty well too. (Click More... for More)

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"... Sound Shapes brings a breath of something new to a system that has needed a little attention over the past six months since the Vita's launch. ..." Click More... to read our review of Sound Shapes by Orange Lounge Radio's Rob Roberts, and sound off with YOUR voice by submitting a VOG concurring or dissenting review.

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The VOG Network's radio feed continues to expand this week. Not only have a new batch of songs been added into the 24/7 feed, but we are thrilled to welcome two new shows to the network! (Click More for More...)

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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Orange Lounge Radio, the internet's longest running weekly video game program, will celebrate 10 years of broadcasting on Sunday, June 24th, 2012. (Click More for More...)

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Anyone that has listened to Orange Lounge Radio recently knows that I have been a sad program ever since the elecTRONica night time party at Disney's California Adventure left in favor of an Alice in Wonderland “T” party. I recently took a trip to the Disneyland Resort on June 6th, and while I was disappointed to see Flynn's Arcade torn down, I was happy to see that the grid had not been totally deleted from the resort, as the Tron: Uprising promotional truck was in town. (Click More... for more)

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Travis Donovan from Under Sedation Live takes you on a video tour of the USL Studios. Take a look inside to see what it takes to put on the show Saturday nights here on the VOG Network.

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