Rob Roberts

Rob Roberts is the co-host of Orange Lounge Radio.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Orange Lounge Radio, the internet's longest running weekly video game program, will celebrate 10 years of broadcasting on Sunday, June 24th, 2012. (Click More for More...)

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Anyone that has listened to Orange Lounge Radio recently knows that I have been a sad program ever since the elecTRONica night time party at Disney's California Adventure left in favor of an Alice in Wonderland “T” party. I recently took a trip to the Disneyland Resort on June 6th, and while I was disappointed to see Flynn's Arcade torn down, I was happy to see that the grid had not been totally deleted from the resort, as the Tron: Uprising promotional truck was in town. (Click More... for more)

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Travis Donovan from Under Sedation Live takes you on a video tour of the USL Studios. Take a look inside to see what it takes to put on the show Saturday nights here on the VOG Network.

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