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Game Review: Blossom Tale: The Sleeping King (Switch)

Game Review: Blossom Tale: The Sleeping King (Switch)

It's been awhile since the PC release of this game has been out, but now the game is available on the Nintendo Switch. Here are my thoughts on the port. If you want my overall thoughts on the original, please check my preview and reviews here and here, respectfully.

The game doesn't receive any noticeable visual improvements, although it does look good in portable mode regardless. And the HD rumble is much better than the force feedback seen with standard gamepads on the PC release. On the other hand, the game is more or less a straight port, as there's no new content since it's PC release, including the lack of quality of life improvements. This is disappointing since it would have been nice if the map system had received an update to be more visible, with labels for things like challenge caves, etc. but alas. Another nice update would have been a quest marker system that would let you mark a place on the map to let you know where to go for a quest. 

Despite the lack of quality of life improvements though, Blossom Tales is still a game that's worth picking up. If you haven't picked it up on PC already, the Switch is the way to go. It's 'take it anywhere' nature makes a quick session  a snap. But if you've already picked this up on the PC, there's little reason to pick this up unless you really want to potentially play the game on the go. And in that event, you'd better just wait for a sale. Although it might be quite some time before that happens in that case.

Summary: A great port to a little Zelda clone with a lot of secrets to uncover, with fun The Princess Bride styled commentary.

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Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Switch is a good platform for this game with it's play anywhere nature.
  • Has all the improvements from the previous patches on the PC release.
The Bad:
  • A lot of these improvements are just bug fixes rather than quality of life additions.
  • If you have the PC version, there's little reason to pick this one up other than the portability aspect.

Eric is one of the co-hosts of the RPGrinders podcast, as well as a freelance video game writer. You can follow him on Twitter @EricRPG .

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