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Game Review: Cat Quest (PC, IOS, Android, soon PS4 & Switch)

Game Review: Cat Quest (PC, IOS, Android, soon PS4 & Switch)

The internet really loves their cats, and cat memes, so it was only inevitable that given enough time, cats would conquer videogames. And now, it's the action RPG genre's turn to get invaded by our furry feline friends. While the game is pretty basic, there's still quite a bit to enjoy here.

Cat Quest is a silly game that doesn't really bother taking itself seriously, but the basic plot is that you and your cat sister are traveling one day, when an evil cat wizard kidnaps your sister, and knocks you out with lightning. You wake up to find that you now have a special scar like imprint on you that makes you a Dragonkin, which is basically a parody of Skyrim's Dragonborne. Your Dragonkin powers don't make you shout though, as they are only a means to use magic, which you'll still have to buy and upgrade. 

Gameplay plays out on a single overworld map, with a smattering of mostly optional dungeons to find loot in. In true RPG fashion, going too deep into undiscovered territory means quick death, so you'll will have to grind to survive these new threats. Also, enemies telegraph their attacks and spell ranges, so dodging should be easy, unless you encounter a huge mob. Thankfully, grinding itself doesn't take long, since the game throws nearly endless side-quests at you. And you are better off doing those, since grinding by defeating monsters often takes too long. Combat is very basic, with a simple melee attack button, a dodge roll, and magic to sling at your foes. There are also various weapons and armor that adjust your stats to accommodate different play styles. The weapon shop does kind of have a random chest drawing though, so you can't always expect to get something that you want. All throughout this adventure, the game is littered with tons of cat puns and silly humor. It's cute and simple, as the game was clearly designed for children. But the basic nature of the gameplay and character and story progression is more likely due to the game originally being on smartphones.

Thankfully the PC version controls a lot better with a gamepad at your side. In fact, the game strongly recommends the use of one. While the game has yet to hit the PS4 and Switch, the PC port thankfully doesn't have huge system requirements. If you have an older gaming rig, you should be able to play the game without any problems. But I'd recommend you go for the Switch version if you have one, as the game's more suited to be a pick up and play experience, since it does get a bit repetitive. But the game is also pretty short as to not overstay it's welcome, and the whopping 6 achievements are proof of this. But all in all, it's not a bad game at all to play. And while the game could be a bit cheaper, $12.99 USD isn't too bad for a game that also is playable on a Mac or a Linux machine. If you like cats, puns, and action-RPGs, Cat Quest is something you should check out. And there's a demo you can try before getting your paws wet.     

The Bottom Line: A cute little action RPG that is short enough not to overstay it's welcome, but still is a bit repetitive and basic. 

Acquisition Method: This game's review code was provided by the publisher. 

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • The cat humor is cute and adorable.
  • The animation is smooth.
The Bad:
  • Is a bit repetitive.
  • If you hate puns, you'll hate this game.

Eric is one of the co-hosts of the RPGrinders podcast, as well as a freelance video game writer. You can follow him on Twitter @EricRPG .

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