Monthly Raffles for May, 2014

Monthly Raffles

MONTHLY RAFFLES are a way for us to reward YOU for participating with everything the Voice of Geeks Network has to offer! Each month, we will offer prizes that can be won by YOU, and is based on your score at the end of the month in VOG: The Game!

Rules and Regulations

  • No Purchase Necessary. In fact, there's nothing you can purchase to get any kind of leg up in this thing. Seriously.
  • One Point on the Monthly Leaderboard counts as one entry into the Monthly Raffle. The winner will be randomly drawn from the pool of Entrants in the first week of the following month after the Leaderboard has been finalized by a Game Master.
  • Winner will be notified via a Private Message on the VOG Forums and posted on the Monthly Raffle page.
  • Those deemed "Content Creators" by the VOG Staff are not eligible for Raffles during any months they are serving in that capacity. This inludes Podcast Hosts, Article Authors, and Game Masters.
  • Someone who has won a Monthly Raffle is not eligible to enter another Monthly Raffle for the following three months.
  • Game Masters have the right to invalidate any entry for any reason.
  • Certain Monthly Raffles may have regional restrictions. Check the descriptions to see if you are eligible.

At this time, we are not accepting donations of prizes to give away. Thank you for your understading.

Monthly Raffles for May, 2014

Arrow - The Complete First Season (Blu-Ray)

To celebrate the recent launch of our new TV Reviews section, presented by Critical Myth, we will be giving away Arrow - The Complete First Season on Blu-Ray!

In our new TV Reviews section, you can leave your own response to the review, which is shown alongside the main reviewer. To encourage you to participate, we will be awarding special Loot that awards 5 additional points when your first response is accepted. This is on top of the 3 points already awarded for an accepted response - so that's 8 entries into the Raffle!

Note: Because this has to be mailed, US residents only.

Winner: mattcube!

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