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Loot Stash

Strangely Modern Fan

Suddenly the light in the center lights up. The fan beings to speak to you in a deep but electronic voice. "Hello there. I am your number one fan! Won't you take me home?" Well, I guess you always wanted your own fan. It's pretty cool!

Total Found: 1

A Cake That's Not Hogwash

"Cake? Uh...Hogwash. Later."

Total Found: 1

What's In The Box?

It's actually kinda grey, and you didn't expect it to be tucked off in the corner like that. You're afraid to open it, though...

Total Found: 1

Leather Jacket

"AYYY kid, keep givin them our sign!" he whispers to you. "Just don't go jumping over any sharks..."

Total Found: 1

Some Flapping Podcasters

They wouldn't shut up while you were playing Flappy VOG, because they're podcasters. They also never told you WHY they were flapping.

Total Found: 1

A Purple Crown

It fits nicely. The people of this kingdom enjoy what you have to say. Keep using that voice...

Total Found: 1

A Whole Bunch Of Dead Air

You've sat through at least one of Bobby Blackwolf's 400 episodes, so here's a reminder of what fills most of the live shows.

Total Found: 1

An Orange Ferret

Scoozie! Hoo Hoo! Hee Hee! *Giggle*

Total Found: 1

Mars Curiosity Model

Travis Donovan used a heat shield, parachute, rockets, and a crane to bring LIVE coverage of the Mars Curiosity rover landing on August 5, 2012, and all you got was this model.

Total Found: 1

A 10 Year Old Couch

10 years, 462 episodes, and numerous ferrets mean that sometimes new digs are needed. But what OLR loses is your gain! It's...pretty worn in, though.

Total Found: 1

First Time Visitor Chest

You visited for the first time! There's more loot within! To start you off, here's 5 points!

Total Found: 1