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Loot Stash

Cute Green Snake

"I heard you like to assssk questions" says the snake. "I hope you liked your anssssswers". As the snake appears to be non-poisonous and fairly adorable, you add it to your collection.

Total Found: 1

E3 2014 T-Shirt

We can't say it's officially from the E3 souvenir booth, but we can say THANKS for participating with our site!

Total Found: 1

A Pet Philosoraptor

Have you ever stopped to think...And forget to start again?

Total Found: 1

An E3 Media Badge

Granted, this one's an old badge from years ago, but it's the thought that counts. Thanks for contributing to our coverage!

Total Found: 1

A Very Clever Idea!

You noticed something clever on the E3 2013 show floor and investigated, and came away inspired.

Total Found: 1

First Time Visitor Chest

You visited for the first time! There's more loot within! To start you off, here's 5 points!

Total Found: 1