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Amount of Loot: 195
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Loot Stash

Very Old Box of Orange Juice

This brand hasn't been around since 2002! This is a 15 year old box! Ewww, hope it's not moldy by now. Thanks for being a listener of Orange Lounge Radio-- not matter if it's been for 15 minutes or 15 years!

Total Found: 1

A Chalice of Holy Water

Look, as if an episode of OLR celebrating the mark of the beast wasn't dangerous enough, you'll probably need it to survive the rest of 2016.

Total Found: 1

An Antique Teapot

"Here you go my dear" she says to you. "I hear you like to serve up tea!" She leans forward to whisper in your ear "you keep being good, and I'll be back with some dessert!" She pinches your cheek and walks away...

Total Found: 6

VOG Anniversary Cake

It's no lie, you've visited VOG for what amounts to an entire year! How about another year?

Total Found: 3

A Glass of Ice Water

Although you might have been hoping for something a bit more... potent, we here at VOG feel this ice water can quench your thirst for the information you look for here every day. Did we mention it's in a virtual keepsake glass?

Total Found: 10

A Robot Dog

"Arf! Arf! Loyal Vistors like you deserve a pet like me!" the dog exclaims. Awww, you can't help but pick him up and pet him. Feels.... metallic.

Total Found: 10

The Number 500 Wearing A Crown

We're not sure why the number 500 is wearing a crown. We think it was stolen. Or just the product of a lazy Loot creator.

Total Found: 1

A Hashtag Tag!

#Thanks for your #loyalty here at #VOG. #VOGLoyals like you are the reason this site is #winning!

Total Found: 10

Strangely Modern Fan

Suddenly the light in the center lights up. The fan beings to speak to you in a deep but electronic voice. "Hello there. I am your number one fan! Won't you take me home?" Well, I guess you always wanted your own fan. It's pretty cool!

Total Found: 5

The VOG Key

There is a small note attached: "Phew! You visit our site a lot! Look, here why don't we just give you a set of keys so you can get in here whenever you want. Make yourself at home, but no feet on the furniture!"

Total Found: 2

Bullhorn of Awesomeness

Telling people how awesome they are has never been easier.

Total Found: 6

Anchor of Independence

The Independent Gaming community is an important anchor of the gaming community. Thanks for spending some time learning more about them!

Total Found: 1

A Purple Crown

It fits nicely. The people of this kingdom enjoy what you have to say. Keep using that voice...

Total Found: 5

Leather Jacket

"AYYY kid, keep givin them our sign!" he whispers to you. "Just don't go jumping over any sharks..."

Total Found: 6

Traffic Sign

You've been using your voice to give opinions... wanting someone to like them... hoping someone would give you a sign. Well, here you go. Somewhere in the distance, you hear the sound of screeching tires.

Total Found: 4

A Show of Hands

You weren't just listening, you were Participating. Just like these four and a half hands.

Total Found: 1

Cute Green Snake

"I heard you like to assssk questions" says the snake. "I hope you liked your anssssswers". As the snake appears to be non-poisonous and fairly adorable, you add it to your collection.

Total Found: 1

A Pet Philosoraptor

Have you ever stopped to think...And forget to start again?

Total Found: 1

E3 2014 T-Shirt

We can't say it's officially from the E3 souvenir booth, but we can say THANKS for participating with our site!

Total Found: 1

What's In The Box?

It's actually kinda grey, and you didn't expect it to be tucked off in the corner like that. You're afraid to open it, though...

Total Found: 1

Old Timey Radio

You seem to like listening to the radio, so why not listen to the radio in a classic old wibbly wobbly timey wimey style?

Total Found: 12

A Small Satellite Dish

"Let's just plop them in front of the TV. I was raised in front of the TV and I turned out TV." - Homer Simpson. Thanks for letting your voice be heard!

Total Found: 1

A Phonograph For Archives

You wonder if you can find any podcasts from the early 20th century to play on this thing...Someone should get right on that.

Total Found: 12

A Backpack of Holding

Traveling here as often as you do, it sounds like you need a place to store your infinite Loot that you are sure to get.

Total Found: 12

A Tub of Buttery Popcorn

It's the reason the floors at the movie theater are sticky, but they're just so darn tasty...You just can't help it!

Total Found: 12

A Hot Cup o' Coffee

Get your minds out of the gutter, this classy coffee is made from bottled water. This coffee reserved for our loyal vistors is so good, some think it's actually Kopi Luwak. Um, don't google that.

Total Found: 12

A Mouse

You like visiting the VOG website so much that we heard you might need a new mouse! Um, well we hope you will like THIS mouse! It's really cute. Adopt it? Please?

Total Found: 12

Some Flapping Podcasters

They wouldn't shut up while you were playing Flappy VOG, because they're podcasters. They also never told you WHY they were flapping.

Total Found: 1

Jet Plane

Now you can leeeaaavve on a jet plaaane anywhere you want. Well, within your own house, as this is merely a model jet plane for your collection.

Total Found: 1

A Whole Bunch Of Dead Air

You've sat through at least one of Bobby Blackwolf's 400 episodes, so here's a reminder of what fills most of the live shows.

Total Found: 1

A Very Clever Idea!

You noticed something clever on the E3 2013 show floor and investigated, and came away inspired.

Total Found: 1

Vodka Soaked Gummi Bears

These gummi bears came in a small ziplock bag, and were lovingly soaked in vodka for A MONTH. Only available at Dragon Con 2013. Worth it.

Total Found: 1

A Recycling Bin

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RELOAD... RELOAD... RELOAD... thanks for helping to save the earth by visiting VOG!

Total Found: 1

An E3 Media Badge

Granted, this one's an old badge from years ago, but it's the thought that counts. Thanks for contributing to our coverage!

Total Found: 1

VOG's Campfire Logs

Log on to the VOG Network this often and you'll never get to see a real campfire. Don't worry, we have you covered.

Total Found: 1

Rockefeller's Ink and Quill

Straight from the Master of the Written Word's desk to your hands, this handsome inkwell and quill pen give a refined touch to just about anything you could possibly have to write down!

Total Found: 7

Mint Julep

Someone who has visited the site as much as you deserves a refreshing break. Since I didn't card you though, it's the Disney Park kind of Julep.

Total Found: 9

Comment Viewing Telescope

The man at the optics store couldn't hear well, and thought you were looking for "comets" instead of "comments." Well, this could come in handy anyway...

Total Found: 6

An Orange Ferret

Scoozie! Hoo Hoo! Hee Hee! *Giggle*

Total Found: 1

A Bunch o' Bananas

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone! Yes? Hello Banana! THIS IS DOG!

Total Found: 6

A Well-Used Microphone

It might have been used for years, but it still works. And since people like what you have to say, this only makes it easier to spread your message!

Total Found: 6

A Red Toy Spaceship

Awww crap, the space game references even got into our loot. Oh well, Thanks for participating with Horde House Episode 100!

Total Found: 1

A Crazy Maurauding Domokun

Well, Hello There! Domokun has heard you listening to the LIVE DEBUT of Anime Jam Session! (Hide the kittens...)

Total Found: 1

First Time Visitor Chest

You visited for the first time! There's more loot within! To start you off, here's 5 points!

Total Found: 1