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Last Online: 4/16/2017
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Career Score: 438
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Amount of Loot: 30
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Loot Stash

A Phonograph For Archives

You wonder if you can find any podcasts from the early 20th century to play on this thing...Someone should get right on that.

Total Found: 1

Leather Jacket

"AYYY kid, keep givin them our sign!" he whispers to you. "Just don't go jumping over any sharks..."

Total Found: 4

Rockefeller's Ink and Quill

Straight from the Master of the Written Word's desk to your hands, this handsome inkwell and quill pen give a refined touch to just about anything you could possibly have to write down!

Total Found: 1

Some Flapping Podcasters

They wouldn't shut up while you were playing Flappy VOG, because they're podcasters. They also never told you WHY they were flapping.

Total Found: 1

VOG's Campfire Logs

Log on to the VOG Network this often and you'll never get to see a real campfire. Don't worry, we have you covered.

Total Found: 1

An Antique Teapot

"Here you go my dear" she says to you. "I hear you like to serve up tea!" She leans forward to whisper in your ear "you keep being good, and I'll be back with some dessert!" She pinches your cheek and walks away...

Total Found: 3

Traffic Sign

You've been using your voice to give opinions... wanting someone to like them... hoping someone would give you a sign. Well, here you go. Somewhere in the distance, you hear the sound of screeching tires.

Total Found: 1

Bullhorn of Awesomeness

Telling people how awesome they are has never been easier.

Total Found: 5

A Bunch o' Bananas

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone! Yes? Hello Banana! THIS IS DOG!

Total Found: 5

An Orange Ferret

Scoozie! Hoo Hoo! Hee Hee! *Giggle*

Total Found: 1

Comment Viewing Telescope

The man at the optics store couldn't hear well, and thought you were looking for "comets" instead of "comments." Well, this could come in handy anyway...

Total Found: 5

A Red Toy Spaceship

Awww crap, the space game references even got into our loot. Oh well, Thanks for participating with Horde House Episode 100!

Total Found: 1

First Time Visitor Chest

You visited for the first time! There's more loot within! To start you off, here's 5 points!

Total Found: 1