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July used to be all about who got the coveted 4th of July slot, but now that May has stolen a lot of the record breaking thunder, July is more or less the last big month for summer movies to try and make a splash. With not a ton of geek offerings in June, July has stacked the deck with three movies that got their start as comic books; one movie each from the sci-fi, western, and horror departments; and a bunch of family movies that are all basically fantasy films. And there’s a new Adam Sandler movie.

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Welcome back to our preview of all the big summer movies. For some reason June is a month where the potential blockbusters don’t always hit it big. There is no long holiday weekend like in May and July and there is still competition from the strong May releases. It will be interesting to see if this year can buck that trend. So here is Part 2, covering North American releases for June. This time I’m including trailers for all the films, so I won’t be touching on the plots in my analysis.

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It’s that time of year again, May, when Hollywood forgets how the calendar works and declares summer movie season underway a whole month before the kids actually get out of school. For well over a decade now summer movie season has shifted to mean May-July, but I’ll still cover August because I’m a purist. So let’s get on with part 1, featuring the major North American releases of note for May, 2013 (Click More... for More)

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