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Flaco’s 2016 Summer Movie Preview – Part 2

Flaco’s 2016 Summer Movie Preview – Part 2

Aside from Marvel’s Civil War and Pixar’s Finding Dory, many of this summer’s slate of sequels have underperformed at the box office. The second half of summer is up next and it’s on these movies to stop the 2016 season from being the first drop the summer box office has seen in a while. Do any of these upcoming movies have what it takes? 


The Legend of Tarzan

Another attempt to revive a very old school franchise, Tarzan needs to do what Lone Ranger couldn’t and at least make a good movie first. That may be a tall order, since the trailer doesn’t seem to add anything new to the story other than some big effects pieces, but maybe that will be enough.


It’s amazing that with all his years as a director, Steven Spielberg has never worked with Disney on a movie. Disney has been on quite the streak this year, so the magic could continue in this adaptation to the Roald Dahl book.


The Secret Life of Pets

This is the only movie that I’ve highlighted all summer that isn’t based on previously produced material. Though since this is from the studio that makes the insanely successful Despicable Me movie franchise, don’t be surprised to see a Minion short film before the movie.



The all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise has taken a ton of heat from the internet, which actually makes me want to see it more to be honest. I’m a big fan of Paul Feig, especially when he’s teamed up with Melissa McCarthy, so I’m hoping their hit streak continues.


Star Trek Beyond

Taking the reins from J.J. Abrams now that he’s more closely involved with the other pillar of geeky space opera is Fast and Furious director (or as I like to mention Community’s paintball episode director) Justin Lin. Despite the change, the J.J. esthetics are still there, lens flares and all. Abrams is still producing after all. The shift seems to be off the enterprise and towards more planet based action. That hasn’t been the best sign in past films, but I’m going to see it regardless.

Ice Age: Collision Course

Every three or four years, they seem to crank out another Ice Age movie. I had no idea they were up to 5 at this point, but I lost interest in the franchise long ago. I do have a pair of kids now, but I’m not sure even that will get me into the theater this time.


Jason Bourne

Speaking of a film franchise delivering their fifth movie, Jason Bourne is back.  More importantly, Matt Damon is back in the lead role after the last film chose to focus on a side character in the universe to a mixed reception from critics and viewers. This seems to make sense, as expanding the universe of a series focused on a titular character was a little silly.


Suicide Squad

I’ll put it out there right now, that this is my most anticipated film of the summer. Even despite the abysmal reception for Batman V Superman, this film seems to have the most buzz heading into release. I’m expecting a Guardians of the Galaxy level of interest in this movie and a DC Universe film that finally delights fans and critics alike.


Pete's Dragon

When Disney announced remakes of movies from their vault, I was a little surprised to see this on the list since it wasn’t in the main line of Disney Classics. Still, every remake they’ve made so far has earned a ton of money. I do wonder if a lot of people even remember the original or if they think this is a new movie.

Sausage Party

Seth Rogen takes on Pixar in this dirty computer animated movie for adults only. Taking a cue from Toy Story, the movie makes us see what it would be like if something we interact with every day had thoughts and feelings. In this case though, we kill them and eat them which sets up all the jokes in this film. I can’t imagine this has a happy ending.

August 19


Yet another remake closes out part 2 of our summer movie preview. I really don’t see this one appealing to the modern movie goer but the end of summer does tend to be a dumping ground of sorts for bigger budget pictures. Maybe it will surprise me, but my hopes aren’t too high in this case.

So that’s it for the summer season. Will Tarzan and some of the other remakes impress? Will Suicide Squad finally give the DC films some credibility? Participate in the comments below and don’t forget to rank the movies yourself!

Flaco Jones is a former film school grad and current professional A/V nerd. You can follow him @flaco_jones on Twitter.

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7/25/2016 1:11 PM

1 0

1. Absolutely Fabulous
2. Absolutely Fabulous
3. Absolutely Fabulous
you get the idea ;D
7/26/2016 3:16 PM

0 0

Ha! Yes an oversight on my part, though summer is so dominated by genre offerings, smaller budget films tend to fall through the cracks. ;)
7/29/2016 4:05 PM

0 0

Outside of Suicide Squad there isn't really much that I am totally hyped for the remainder of the summer.

I'm going to give Ghostbusters a shot within the next 2 weeks. I wasn't on board with it at first but I like the people involved with it and I want to give them a fair shot.

Star Trek Beyond I have heard great things about it. I have not seen any of this era of Trek films because of my negative feelings about Abrams handling the series. But with Justin Lin taking over I am willing to give it a shot as long as it's not 3 Trek 3 Furious.

I was always a fan of the Bourne series but for some reason I am not too amped up about this one. A big part of me wanted to see something different other than him running away from the FBI/CIA/ect again. I know in one of the Bourne books he's recruited to take out a common enemy, I kind of wish that was the angle. Either way I'll see it but I might just pass seeing it in the theater.

Sausage Party will be a "See it at home with friends, beer and not take it seriously" movie. I won't pay a full price ticket to see it in theaters.
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