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Episode 9 - Procrast-o-mon

A new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon was released this week, and the evolutions to the starter Pokemon have caused some extremely divided and even controversial feedback. We tackle the latest trailer and give our opinions. Also, Pokemon Go has some updates planned for gyms, that could really change that part of the game.

And, although convention season has slowed down some of our episode tapings, but it hasn't slowed down Shane from catching shinies! We check in with him on how his shiny hunt is progressing, and Rob hits a landmark in Pokemon Go! Tweets, e-mails and more fill out another episode of the Pokestop Podcast!

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10/15/2016 5:13 AM

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Hello good Sir's, I've never played a Pokemon game, which one is a good one to start with that has 1st generation Pokemon? As that's what I saw mostly on the animated series.

Please don't say Pokemon Go, it's okay, but I'd rather have a more accessible game i.e one that doesn't require Location Services to be turned on.
10/23/2016 12:37 PM

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Sorry I missed this question, I'll try to remember to pick it up in Episode 11.
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