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Episode 3 - Bounsweet, Bewear, Comfey, Mudsdale, Mimikyu & Wimpod

An update to the official Sun and Moon website unveils details on 6 new Pokemon (including localization of two previously revealed Pokemon). A friend of Shane's, Danny, joins us on the show to talk about these six new Pokemon, as well as share some memories and stories of playing older Pokemon games like Pokemon Red/Blue.

Pokemon Go fever is still everywhere, and some businesses have used the game to see huge successes. However, one local neighborhood to where we live is getting fed up with all the cars cruising thru looking for Dratinis. Can or should Niantic move these Pokemon elsewhere?

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Bobby Blackwolf
Bobby Blackwolf
7/30/2016 8:11 PM

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My picture was indeed from the Super Game Boy. The neat thing about it is that the Pokemon games came out after the SGB did, so they incorporated special code. While the game was still black and white, they had different color palettes for different areas. So, when you would leave the town and go into the field, the colors would change from blue to green. Plus, it had it's own border that you could use instead of the supplied borders from the SGB.

I totally reset my game after taking that picture, because I had no clue what I had done for the 9 hours I had played. But I did have five pokemon at level 20...
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