Is the Black Market Auction House a good thing? That’s what we’re asking this week and Moose (who suggested the question) sent James along to chat about it! You can find James on our discord or on Twitter @GiacoJames Next … Continue reading →

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A ban by Blizzard sent shockwaves thru the industry this week, we talk about what's happened, how we feel about it, and what might happen to Blizzard's legacy as a result. Our live listeners join us for discussion on this and more in the news including more information on the Playstation 5. It's not much information, but enough to know that we can actually call it the Playstation 5.

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Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick discuss games they've been playing lately in which their experience has been different from their expectations.

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This coming weekend, I will be at SIEGE at Kennesaw State University outside of Atlanta, for the Southeastern US's version of the Game Developer Conference. Lawyers in Canada are attempting to file a class action lawsuit against Fortnite for being so addictive, parents can't control their kids' screen time. A patch is out for Super Mario Maker 2 that finally gives you the ability to play online with friends, but it also has LAN Play? Intellivision released their 10 Commandments of Game Design for Amico games, which has some people cheering and some people booing. Then we take calls about Star Wars Galaxies and the Intellivision Amico.

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On tonight's show... Vic Mignonga's reckoning! The verdict is in and we talk about it! Also, the Kyoto Animation - 京都アニメーション fire... Another victim, and more rebuilding... What's this? A Naruto collab with Coach and Michael B Jordan? Bushiroad pushes forward with a theater troupe and stage plays! A Certain Scientific Railgun is back, Sailor Moon "Girls Night Out" cafes, and Fate/Stay Night joins up with AXE Body Spray to fight the funk?! Meanwhile in Japan... Police officer arrested for clogging toilets, elderly person steals bike seats, and buy Starbucks Coffee with a pen?

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Sony goest thru some big changes as an executive surprisingly leaves the company suddenly. Could this be an unfortunate personal circumstance, or a sign of bigger issues? We go thru some theories live with our chatroom. We get into our gaming weeks, and then tackle more gaming news on another week of the show where every gamer has a voice, Orange Lounge Radio!   Also in the news: * AlphaDream goes bankrupt * Super Mario Maker Online 2 Matchmaking * Playstation Now Price Drop * New Brain Age for Switch   All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio! LIVE on the VOG Network, Sunday nights at 6 Pacific, 9 Eastern www.vognetwork.com Twitter: @olr Mailbag: participate (at) orangeloungeradio dot com

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Many black-and-white Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s are missing. New animated productions add visuals to the existing audio recordings of these missing serials. An aborted 1979 serial has also been completed with new animation. We now continue our discussion about the animated versions of Power of the Daleks​ (2016), ​Shada​ (2017) and ​The Macra Terror​ (2019). Please send us your comments, questions, requests and complaints. You can reach us at britishinvaders@gmail.com, and you can find us on the British Invaders Facebook Group. British Invaders is an audio podcast that discusses television shows. We do not distribute the shows themselves.

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We have Shoryl with us this week to talk allllllll about Patch 8.2.5! It’s a long one so strap in! You can find Shoryl on our discord, or on twitter @shoryl_mn Next week: It’s all about the Black Market Auction … Continue reading →

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Mario Kart Tour is now out on mobile - and it is definitely a lootbox and microtransaction game, complete with very low odds. The Untitled Goose Game is great - I played it on Twitch and had a honkin good time. A new Kickstarter has launched that has real promise in the Augmented Reality space - Tilt Five - and it's aimed at board games. At Oculus Connect 6, we didn't hear much about the Rift line, except to say that the Oculus Quest will soon be able to play all Rift games. Is this the end of Oculus's investment in the Rift line? Then we take calls about the Sony State of Play and why Sony would cover Call of Duty so much.

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Game Buoy returns with a deep dive on the September 4th Nintendo Direct, as well as some updates on what's happening in the gaming world!

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