Our Geeky weeks Robbie WoW: OMG Rastakahn. Fuck that next fight though. Dwarf Mage is now 120 :D DnD: No session last week :( More this coming week I hope.   Razerbug WoW: unexpected Rastakahn kill is unexpected. Mechatorque is a boss - literally. DPSin...

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On tonight's show... New game from the people that made BanG Dream Girls Band Party, winners from the seiyu crown contest, and an arrest in a BitTorrent case? Also, a very valuable Pokémon card, a Love Live x New Japan Pro-Wrestling marriage, and an Orphen stage play! A Yahoo Japan workers tampers with site, for free manga, more live action Rurouni Kenshin, and a Studio Madhouse hospitalized?! Meanwhile in Japan... Latest update on NGT48, women only gym with free donuts, and cops are on the looking for a porn gifting man?

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NinjaSistah has gone this whole decade without Cable TV. She was a cord-cutter when cutting the cord wasn't cool. Of course, by adding all the Netflixes and Hulus and HBO Nows and Amazon Primes -- when you add the cost of all those services together […] The post ESH Cast #632: Disney-Plus means my wallet will be Cash-Minus appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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Nintendo Labo VR was released this week, and LOKI brings his cardboard to the studio for our hosts to try out and give impressions live. We talk a little about this first Nintendo jump into the VR scene. We also talk about some controversial DLC that has made it's way into the remaster of Resident Evil 2, yet seems to be an ongoing trend in the industry. Why do pay-to-unlock keys keep coming out in the various online stores? We discuss, and get into the other big topics of the week.

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It was a long one this week with Vee from AMR back to tell us all about their new class guide feature and update us on all the goings on with Mr Robot. It’s a great show but we all … Continue reading →

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We get it!! You vape!! We start this episode off having a very frank discussion about a habit that's come out of the shadows more and more as it's become legal in more and more places. Then we talk a bit about our couple weeks off and some of the conventions and other activities that have gone on during the time away. We also talk about some of the latest in geek and pop culture, such as the latest star wars trailer that came out today. And how is Victoria feeling about Disneyland's latest changes in preparation for Star Wars land?

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We had a viewer comment on which segment of the population would be most upset about Google Stadia, and it isn't those with bandwidth caps. This does segway into a history lesson about the fastest internet in America that was driven by socialism (and subsequently limited before it could reach out further.) Borderlands 3 has been announced to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and people just aren't buying it. A debate around accessibility has been launched around Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but I don't think it should be just an "easy mode" even though I only play easy games. Then we take calls about easy mode in games and upcoming video game movies.

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In this double header, we'll discuss the most recent episodes of ST: Discovery, and remind Capt. Matt how wrong he was about the Red Angel. All this and more on the SBPC - A Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn't fail.

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On tonight's show... New seasons of Cells at Work, The Promised Neverland, and Hi Score Girl announced! Revue Starlight Re LIVE mobile game, Cowboy Bebop casting revealed, Vocaloid producer passes, and Neon Genesis Evangelion bath salts? Also, Love Live! μ's website hijacked, new Japan Self-Defense Force mascots, and new Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailers? Meanwhile in Japan, teacher gives buzzcut to a student, "Weird Al" Yankovic tours Japan, a song about poo, and breast milk for crowdfunding?

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Anyone who has listened to this podcast over many years knows Panda is a big fan of horror games. They also know that Ninja doesn't care for them at all. That's why Panda always gets the task of reporting on the latest and greatest horror […] The post ESH Cast #631: I like layers in my cake, but not in my fear appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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