Will these small bites of Trek quench your thirst?  We’ll Explain. ST: DSC has a Release Date...er… month.  Not enough ST: DSC? Play some Star Trek Online.   All this and more, on the Starboard Power Coupling Podcast - a Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn’t fail.

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The Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo is this weekend in Atlanta - I'll be attending Thursday and Friday evenings. I got into Forza Horizon 4 with the Ultimate Edition people, so I give my impressions in THIS episode rather than after it comes out. Sony has allowed crossplay between PS4 and other consoles in Fortnite, and may evaluate allowing other games to join in the fun as well. Oculus announced the new Oculus Quest this week at Oculus Connect 5 - a new, untethered, six degrees of freedom VR headset that is somewhere in between GearVR and the high end Rift. Then we take calls about Dragon Quest XI, Fire Pro Wrestling, and Bowsette.

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In this episode DJ and FreakQuincy (‘The Gay Wasteland’) discuss Fall and Halloween The Gay Wasteland http://loganfrohn.com/gwl-podcast Write to DJ & The Princess at tfnpodcast@gmail.com Leave a comment on our page at tfnpodcast.com Follow DJ on Twitter and Google+. View our companion blog at tfnpodcast.tumblr.com and our videos on YouTube. Support us on Patreon! Friend … Continue reading A Midwest Scarecrow

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On tonight's show, we dig into the Princess Bowsette phenomena! Also, a producers kidanpping charges are dropped, Funimation to stream the final season of Fairy Tail, and Alita: Battle Angel pushed back... Again. Ronin Warriors/ Yoroiden Samurai Troopers to get special event, Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia gets a 4th season, and Badtz Maru joins Gudetama for cafe collab! Over in Strange News From Japan, a toilet paper debate, worked injured at a love hotel, and a penis shaped skyscraper in China?!

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Ninja knows what she's good at. And she knows what she isn't good at. If she's not very good at certain types of video game, she stays plumb away from them. She doesn't go chasing waterfalls, she sticks to the rivers and the lakes that she's used to. She tries not to put down any video games she doesn't play well. She loves to watch people enthusiastically play them on game streaming and YouTube sites. She just knows better than to try to compete on that level with the experts who perform so much better than she could. But don't […] The post ESH Cast #604: I know my lane — and it’s the slow one appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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After some classic flashback clips in “The Road Thus Far” the wayward sons Adam, Glenn, and Brad carry on with the second of the four-part Final Episode series. Geeks have to fuel up so the guys dive right on into a Geek Cuisine of tasty Pineapple Water and Twizzler Rainbow Candy Straws. Refreshed and refueled the crew starts the first part of TV and DVD Talk After a lengthy chat the guys are thirsty once again and this time Brad has a couple weird sodas he found up at Jungle Jim’s in Cincy. Cinnamon Soda and wait for it…Martian Poop soda. Bumpers in this episode are from Corey Feldman, Robocop’s Peter Weller and Admiral Adama himself Edward James Olmos Music in this episode is all Star Wars themed: “Vader Boi” by Luke Ski (feat Carrie Dahlby and The Nick Atoms) “Star Wars (A film like no other)” by Beatnik Turtle “Death Star Prison Blues” by Patrick Rennick and Stephen Whaley and thanks to the Geek Cuisine double feature in this episode the guys are: “Too Fat To Troop” by Mikey Mason Just two more episode of PodCulture after this one…so be sure to get your voicemails in ASAP! The voicemail line’s number is: 812-672-4POD (4763) We would love to hear from you as we wind up this crazy adventure

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After many heated tweets and other feedback from gamers, Sony finally announces they will join Crossplay on Fortnite on the Playstation 4. Could this bring other crossplay games in the near future? We talk a bit about the games we predict we will see, and what we would like to see. And how will controllers vs. keyboard and mouse on these systems change as Microsoft looks to allow Keyboard/Mouse control on the Xbox One in the near future?

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I checked out Old School Musical on stream and really enjoyed the four button rhythm game that evokes gaming nostalgia. The Nintendo Switch Online service launched and it's basically what they said it was. At Tokyo Games Show, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, to continue the trend of selling mini consoles of retro titles. Telltale Games has started a majority studio closure and laid off all but 25 of their employees - with no severance or warning. Then we talk to OLR about classic systems and other things at Tokyo Game Show.

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Our Geeky weeks Robbie Some of the BfA heroic dungeons are horrid! (Did these with Bert, Charlie, Chelle and EJ from GGW) Got my Battle for Azeroth Explorer title, so I just need to do rep grind stuff to get the first part of flying unlocked! 6 hours of...

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The Podcast Pirates return to discuss Tokyo Game Show and more!

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