This week, it's Otakon! Join DJ Ranma S, WildSpice Cosplay, Ari Rockefeller, and IchigoGami as they tell you of their epic 4 day adventure! Then if time allows, find out who won at World Cosplay Summit, new titles from Sentai Filmworks and Discotek Media! And in Strange News from Japan, a social apartment in Japan to have 20 seat theater for private movie showings, a Tokyo politician creating and selling manga at Comiket, and the study on the effects of training in higher gravity, ala DBZ?!

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Who would have thought in 2016 that No Man's Sky would be one of the greatest comeback stories in gaming? There's a LOT of talk about early impressions of the NEXT update, and how it has captured my heart, at least in the beginning. Time will tell how long that lasts. Taiko no Tatsujin is coming stateside on both the PS4 and the Switch - but questions about control schemes are abound. Then we take calls about Octopath Traveler and No Man's Sky.

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Fighting games are the talk of the community this weekend as EVO takes place in Las Vegas. Some late breaking news before the show includes an interesting new character for Tekken 7. We take some time to talk about some of our fighting games, and react live to some of the news and results coming out of the contest. There's also plenty of time to talk about our gaming weeks and news, including a messy app allowed on steam that secretly mined for bitcoin. Sounds like Steam might need to watch what they are putting out on their store!

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This week's show goes into a lot of areas the Sistahs haven't explored much in the past, including the mysterious world of computer programming. Computer programming? That's right. Pandalicious sticks her big toe right in the middle of the world of computer programming through the game Human Resource Machine. If that doesn't sound like much of a game to you, you would be wrong. The game is chock full of puzzles to solve and, along the way, you'll learn a number of computer programming concepts you might try to use later in normal computer programming languages. If you think that […] The post ESH Cast #596: I got no jam — but have you seen my jelly? appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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It's a WoW heavy show this week with our guest and raid whisperer @Shoryl_mn! We hope you enjoy the next 90 minutes of geeky podcasting!   Guest Shoryl ...

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It’s time to sail away, sail away, far far away - like in the way future… Star Trek Online finally makes a … Discovery.  Also, do you want a BA in Trekness? And, it’s ST Las Vegas and we’ll bring you the biggest sensor echoes. And, oh yeah, some trailer thingy came out for ST: DISC.

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On tonight's show, we talk the science behind Pokémon, One Punch Man, and other animes. More Digimon is headed our way, and a new Pokémon movie this fall. Kaito Kid is at again with stealing Detective Conan statue, Love Live Sunshine's Dia Kurosawa joins GranBlue Fantasy, more news about Love Live!Sunshine Project film, and another person is arrested in the Love Live sewer cover theft! Over on Strange News From Japan, the cheeseburger that isn't messing around, updates on ninja shortage, a 9 million dollar yen award, and a Buddhist priest tells it like it is?

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In this episode DJ revisits a special about childhood Saturday mornings. Special guest Paul Chandler Write to DJ & The Princess at tfnpodcast@gmail.com Leave a comment on our page at tfnpodcast.com Follow DJ on Twitter and Google+. View our companion blog at tfnpodcast.tumblr.com and our videos on YouTube. Support us on Patreon! Friend DJ on … Continue reading TFN Classics #3

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…but I don’t know what as I wasn’t there!!!! You get a bonus Robbie holding the fort for me today! Next week: We are taking the week off as we’re off to the convention! But PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF … Continue reading →

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Pandalicious has her opinions, and she makes sure everyone is aware of them. One of her strong opinions this week is about a video game she has been playing called Octopath Traveler. She is more than 45 hours into the game, and she expects to play at least 100 more before she is finished. But there is one thing about the game that she is clearly not enamored with. Her computerized players just don't seem friendly enough with her or each other. There's no banter between them. There's no small talk. They travel from one place to the next in […] The post ESH Cast #595: Panda wants her computer players to be better friends with each other appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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