The name "Xbox Live" is fading away in favor of the name "Xbox Network". Why would Microsoft be wanting to change things up from a name they've had for over 10 years? Could part of the reason be due to some of the horror stories that we've heard of how people treat others on Xbox Live sometimes? We discuss this and much more in gaming news this week!

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We had a lot of fun with our VHS Gaming Tape bonus stream - if you are subscribed to the VOGNetwork Twitch channel, check out the VOD! Sony has (now confirmed) announcing the closure of the PS3, PSP, and Vita digital storefronts this summer. Since this was recorded, we learned that they are NOT closing down the ability to redownload existing purchases. Microsoft is rebranding Xbox Live to just the Xbox Network, further cementing their desire for an Xbox ecosystem rather than just a console. Microsoft is the current primary suitor for chat app Discord - what does this mean for the future of Discord communities if it happens? Then we talk to OLR about Sony's backwards compatibility and the future of Discord.

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Kicking things off with breaking news about SacAnime's Swap Meet! Then updated con cancellations, Harmony Gold says bye bye to Macross, and Yuru Camp gets a console game. Also Tokyo Babylon 2021 gets cancelled, EVA 3.0+1.0 makes a lot of money in Japan, and Funko releases Dragon Ball Z pops... In Japan. Meanwhile in Japan, the Olympic flame goes out and people are worried, labor ministry employee harassed by her own counselor, and a Japanese woman discovers that foreign women don't tell their breast sizes... --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/animejamsession/support

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We had our Bonus Stream for the VHS Gaming Tape on Wednesday (after recording the podcast but before the podcast went up) - subscribe to our Twitch channel to watch the VOD! Sony's Save Migration from PS4 to PS5 continues to be special, this time with Marvel's Avengers. (Don't blame Crystal Dynamics on this one, y'all...) Sony has revealed the new controller for the PSVR2 coming next year (at the earliest) for the PS5 - which is very reminiscent of the Oculus Touch controllers (which is a good thing!) A bunch of good PSVR games (as well as good non-PSVR games) are currently free to download for all PS4 and PS5 owners via Sony's Play At Home promotion. Microsoft has reiterated that VR is not a focus for the Xbox ecosystem after a localization error in Italy caused confusion. Then we talk to OLR about the history of gaming podcasts as well as the fun of buying time on an AM radio station to do your own talk show.

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Yamcha get's dunked on! Also, seiyu Masahiro Anzai passes, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie is in full production, anime and Japanese racing collabs, and Super Nintendo World is open! Meanwhile in Japan, a Coca-Cola subscription service, Tokyo Olympics ban foreigners, and advanced technology turns taxi windows into ad galleries, wow! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/animejamsession/support

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After the news about Microsoft and Bethesda last week, we get news this week that Sony has made a pretty big purchase themselves. However, it isn't a game making company they bought, but EVO, known for it's annual large fighting game tournament. What could Sony's long term plan be with this acquisition, is it to cement the playstation as the definitive place for fighting games? We discuss this and much more in the news this week.

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Grrrreeettings Everyone! Adam and Brad sit down for a socially distanced episode of PodCulture. Adam tells about his adventures in Hawaii after recovering from Covid. The guys then talk about WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows on Disney Plus.

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On today's special episode, Demon Slayer wins Japan's Academy Film prizes, including Animation of the Year, the Banana Fish manga gets a stage play, and Netflix signs a long term contract with Japanese studio for visual effects! Meanwhile in Japan, Tokyo Olympics ceremony chief resigns over remarks about Naomi Watanabe's weight... And she also puts a out a statement in regards to those remarks, and a Japanese sake brewery launches a special sake in honor of the LGBTQ+ community! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/animejamsession/support

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The Nightmare Worlds of H.G. Wells is a collection of four short dramas first broadcast on Sky Arts in 2016. It adapted some of H.G. Wells’ lesser-known supernatual stories. Please send us your comments, questions, requests and complaints. You can reach us at britishinvaders@gmail.com, and you can find us on the British Invaders Facebook Group. […]

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There will be a bonus VHS Gaming Tape stream on Wednesday, March 24th at 9PM ET/6PM PT on the VOGNetwork Twitch channel, featuring promotional tapes and possibly some home movies from late 90's E3! (The date was announced after recording.) There is a little bit of current events talk regarding vaccines (and getting them) at the beginning of the show. We take some viewer comments regarding the challenges that hardware developers have had over the last year with social distancing requirements, as well as another reason why we're seeing so many remasters right now. There was some confusion on why transferring save games from the PS4 to the PS5 seemed inconsistent, and we break down some examples. Xbox's $7.5 Billion acquisition of Bethesda was finalized this week, which meant that a whole bunch of games appeared on Xbox Game Pass. But, in the long term, will we actually see big franchises launch day and date on PlayStation or Nintendo consoles? I received the Strong Bad Sings vinyl this week (which sold out in an hour) and we talk a little bit about the resurgence of vinyl in general, and I talk about how hipster I am with my game music OST collection. Then we talk to OLR about the Bethesda acquisition and what that might mean for non-Xbox platforms.

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