We are back to talk about some big news from our week off including Sony's announcement that they won't be attending E3 2020. What does this mean for Sony and for the ESA's biggest show? We discuss, and we also get into the news from this week including a variety of game delays for the coming months. March 2020 suddenly got a lot lighter, but does that mean some games should just wait for the next generation consoles altogether? We discuss.

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It’s a long one this week because we just love talking to Cinder! We were chatting all about the new patch and especially he horrific visions content. Also I remembered the names of two separate things so the world is … Continue reading →

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The Colour of Magic is a 2008 adaptation of Terry Pratchett's first two Discworld novels: The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic. A tourist and failed wizard journey through Discworld while a villain is scheming and rising to power.... Please send us your comments, questions, requests and complaints. You can reach us at britishinvaders@gmail.com, and you can find us on the British Invaders Facebook Group. British Invaders is an audio podcast that discusses television shows. We do not distribute the shows themselves.

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We begin by reading comments from viewers about microtransactions, Xbox Series X exclusives, and why Pokemon DLC is bad for some people. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed from April to September, but that doesn't mean that CD Projekt Red has eliminated crunch time for it's developers. Horizon: Zero Dawn is rumored to be coming to PC even though it's a first party Sony title, but it doesn't mean the death of the PlayStation console. Sprinkled throughout the show is talk of Forza Horizon 4's Battle Royale mode, Sony pulling out of E3, and a shoutout to the old Gathering of Developers for being the first ones to set up shop across the street from E3.

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On tonight's show, a follow up with the Nessa wig debacle, more Fruits Basket, ASMR Charmander to help you sleep, and Aoi Yuuki hands out a slap as a prize! Also, more Love Live! School Idol Project, Netflix streams Studio Ghibli, but there's a catch, voice actor Brice Armstrong passes, and Madman Anime raises funds for Australia wildfire! Meanwhile in Japan, a man arrested for licking the ear of a stranger he fancied, Osaka mayor wants to restrict kids smartphone use even in their own homes, and Tenga at it again with masturbatory aid shaped chocolates?! And now The Hot Topic of night, is ahegao clothing okay to wear at cons?

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Patch 8.3 is here! And it seems like it’s been a slightly rockier ride than we hoped but we hear from LOTS of you in this show with your view on the week! Professor Taliep is with us too which … Continue reading →

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Awesome Games Done Quick has finished, reaching $3.13 million - and I got a donation read on the air! Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X will have no exclusive first party games for the first year or so, which means they will all be playable on Xbox One and Windows 10. Arcade1up had a large showing at CES this week, featuring an online enabled NBA Jam as well as digital pinball tables in partnership with Zen Studios. Then we take calls about the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC news, as well as getting myself a real pinball table.

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This episode was recorded on January 5th - sorry for the late posting. The January 12th show will be posted this Friday morning. Awesome Games Done Quick has just started, benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. I know I said I'd be there, but... MAGFest just happened, which is really a great festival that falls on a very difficult weekend. We got some listener comments about how 2019 and the decade ended up, and then talked about games coming up that we know about releasing in 2020. The Xbox Series X and PS5 have their specs announced, but do they really matter in the long run? Then we talk to OLR about looking ahead to 2020.

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On tonight's show, Yoshitaka Amano does Vogue Italia, Lilo & Stitch's Stitch gets it's own feudal manga, a Taiwanese cosplayer gets elected... Also, concerns about the Kyoto Animation - 京都アニメーション memorial site, Pokémon Sword and Shield with DLC, cosplayer steals a wig at MAGFest, Mariya takeuchi hits the Oricon (オリコン) Music Charts, aggressive photographers at ComicMarket コミックマーケット, and the true story of KFC and Japan during Christmas... Meanwhile in Japan, man beats fast food worker for missing nugget, a teacher arrested for forcing schoolgirl to wear collars and leash during lesson, and Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald’s Japan?!

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The cast is assembled for the first full news week of the year. However while we are all together we have to talk one last time about 2019 and our games of the year. Also, we have to visit our time capsule of silly predictions from earlier in the year. How much did we get right and wrong? Tune in to find out. Then we get into the weeks worth of news, including various headlines out of Consumer Electronics Show! It's a great time to be a gamer into collectibles, although your wallet might be crying out in pain...

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