Orphan Black Review by Henry Tran

Orphan Black 2.02: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Orphan Black 2.02: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Written By:
Karen Walton and Graeme Manson
Directed By:
John Fawcett

There has been the brief concern by myself that this show is over-plotted. Or rather over-reliant on plot twists to the point where the plot becomes non-sensical. Maybe I'm reacting to the revelation that Mrs. S was ultimately responsible for kidnapping Kira. It wasn't the Proletheans. They have another agenda altogether, and it's in direct conflict with the purposes of Rachel, Dr. Leekie, and the Dyad Institute. The side of the plot that focuses on Mrs. S and her affiliation with these "Birdwatchers" presents another mystery that the show will either eventually explain or ignore completely.

Don't get me wrong; The mysteries add to the fun factor of a show like this. Along with its twisted sense of humor, the show doesn't have to take itself too seriously. But there will come a point where the show has to dole out answers to these questions being constantly brought up. Over-complicating the plot will hold that purpose back.

That said, there is much to like here. There are some neat revelations that can be chewed on for some time. The war between the Dyad Institute and the Proletheans is forcing both sides to show its teeth. It's a matter of a few degrees, but the Proletheans have a clearer, more pure purpose for the clones. Both sides want the clones to meet their own evil, twisted goals. The core of the conflict lies in the classic science versus religion debate. Rachel and Dr. Leekie simply want to know how it is at all possible that Sarah could be the only clone to conceive a human being.

They are ignoring Cosima's sickness (which is a plot device that will pop up later at the most inconvenient time possible so that the characters are forced to deal with it then instead of now) to put all of their resources and focus on studying Sarah's genome for anomalies. Right now, Cosima's loyalties have to be questioned. Is she playing Delphine and Rachel and Dr. Leekie to help out Sarah, or is it the other way around? It's not entirely clear.

The Proletheans are built entirely on their religious fervor as the guiding principle for the actions of those faithful to the cause. Their minions rescued Helena from the hospital, letting her recover on the farm that serves as the base of operations. Like with the Dyad Institute, it's not clear what the true purpose of this group ultimately is. That lack of clarity isn't helped by the introduction of new characters in Henrik and those occupying the farm. Their philosophy does directly oppose Tomas' assertion that Helena and her clone sisters are "abominations" that were twisted by God's will.

There is more that they know about the clones than they're letting on, it seems. Like the fact that Helena has her heart on the right side while the other clones have it on their left sides. Helena did spend a lot of time last season insisting that she was special in some way. The heart on the opposite side could just be the start of her uniqueness among the clones.

Knowing more than they let on is also rampant in Mrs. S's collaboration with the Birdwatchers. Judging by her non-reactive looks and vague conversations with Kira's protectors, she might hold a lot of knowledge on Project Lida and why the clones were created in the first place. It begs for more exploration as the series goes on. It needs to stick with one direction, though. Going back and forth between good guy and bad guy does Mrs. S's character no favors.

Also, Alison confirms here that her husband is her monitor in one of the show's more comical subplots. It's really all she has in her life now (along with community theater), and that fact also confirmed that she let an innocent person in Aynsley die. This understandably drives her into a state of guilt and panic, with no particular outlet to let her stress go. Felix was supposed to be that person but he's always been tied to Sarah and Kira. She certainly can't talk things out with her husband, who is under orders from Leekie to use their marriage to ferret Sarah out into the open for capture. Every character is stuck in some compromising position now. It should be interesting to see how they can get untangled from the mysteries that are holding them down.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • The growing Dyad/Prolethean conflict
  • Nearly every clone is in a compromised position
The Bad:
  • Is the plot getting overcomplicated?
  • Cosima's illness is treated inconsistently

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