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Orange Lounge Radio is a Video Game podcast dedicated to what gamers really want to know, and the gamer lifestyle. An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice. Hosted live weekly for the past nine years by DarkSakura, skie and LOKI, Orange Lounge Radio gives listeners the opportunity to interact directly with the show and give their feedback on the hot topics in the gaming industry thru live call-ins, a chatroom, e-mail, twitter and more. Winner of a Podcast Award for Best Gaming Podcast. Nominated for three Best of Live 365 awards. Tapes live on Sunday nights on the VOG Network.

This weeks show was taped on March 10th, or MAR10- MARIO Day! We talk a bit about Mario and his significance as a Nintendo mascot, and some memories of Mario and why we think he's been so successful. Also, do other companies need a mascot as strong as Mario? We discuss. Then we get into the gaming news for the week which includes yet another company declining to have a booth on the E3 show floor. Though they may still be up to things in the neighborhood...

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The Vita has officially been put out to pasture by Sony, and we take some time discussing the highs and the lows of this console. What did we enjoy about the system? What do we wish Sony had done better? We discuss along with the input of our LIVE viewers. Then we get into the gaming news for the week which include BIG annoucnements on Pokemon Generation 8: Sword and Shield! No, not gun. Although those memes of the pokemon holding the guns are kinda funny. All this and plenty more make up another week of OLR!

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Our live show goes up against the Oscars, which is a coincidence of sorts when we start our show off talking about movies being sold on Steam, and how Valve plans to phase that out. It is an interesting parallel where music and movie industries have found themselves recently, and where the gaming industry could find itself in the not too distant future. If big rumors from companies like Microsoft and Nintendo are to be believed, it could be the start of a whole new era of gaming.

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Nintendo put out a new Direct this week, which included teases for Super Mario Maker 2 as well as a re-imagining of an old Zelda game. We talk about our reactions to this Direct, as well as more topics of the week including some sad news involving layoffs at Activision-Blizzard. All this and MORE on another episode of the show where every gamer has a voice, Orange Lounge Radio!

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Nintendo gave some interesting information in a policy briefing that was conducted earlier in the week, including news about 3DS sales slowing down, and promises to make the Switch Online better. What do we think Switch Online needs to be better? We discuss along with our live listeners, then get into what we have been playing this week, and other news for the week including Apex Legends and how it has really taken the industry by storm. Is this game going to be a huge success for EA, or is it setting up a potential future failure? All this and MORE on another episode of the show where every gamer has a voice, Orange Lounge Radio!

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When looking at the release date for Anthem, it seems the date changes based on several different access programs. Is this the new standard for game releases? We talk about our thoughts on this and how it compares to other entertainment industries on tonights show. LOKI also tells us a story about a program that has his 8 year old son making video games, which bookends with a call near the end of the show asking us about OUR first experiences with video games when we were kids. All this, discussion on the latest gaming headlines, and more on an all new OLR!

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The games industry is a seriously large one, as some of the sales numbers for the year 2018, which came in this week, show. The industry gets covered in more and more "mainstream" entertainment places, but could we be near the peak of what the games industry is capable of? We discuss this week with our LIVE participants on Twitch. We also get into the weeks gaming news which includes a Nintendo announcement that will push Metroid Prime 4 back a long time.

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We return with DarkSakura back in studio with us, to lend her predictions to 2019 in video games to join our predictions from last week. Allen Alchemy, filling in for LOKI who is off at the happiest broccoli farm on earth this week also lends his thoughts. Then we get into our gaming weeks, and some gaming news which includes the teaser event for Mortal Kombat 11. Rob has voiced that he's not a fan of ultra-violence, how does he feel about this? And does Allen, who is a long time Mortal Kombat fan, feel any differently about the upcoming teases for Mortal Kombat 11? Tune in for all this and MORE!

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A year is a long time in gaming memories so we take a look inside our time capsule made one year ago to see who made the best predictions for 2018! Which ones came true, and which ones were so bad in retrospect that we gave a good laugh? We also make our 2019 predictions to open next year, and then get into the week in gaming news which includes Bungie and Activison parting ways. How will this effect the Destiny series? How is this different from the last time Bungie split from a partnership which was Microsoft? We discuss and cover the other big gaming news of the week!

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Sadly a storm and subsequent power failure cut this episode of Orange Lounge Radio short, however in this salvaged audio from our Twitch stream, Rob and Loki sit down to discuss MAGFest, a new law in Japan about gaming modding, our gaming weeks, and a potential new gaming console. Jamie joins us in a recorded segment to talk about the Classic Game of the Week. Hopefully Mother Nature will be nicer to us next week, see you then!

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