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Orange Lounge Radio 920 - 6/26/2022

On a very special episode of Orange Lounge Radio celebrating TWENTY years of doing our podcast weekly, we table the usual news format to take many questions. The questions are about not just our history, but about our observations on gaming and gaming culture over the last twenty years. Faces from the past and present join us in chat to mark this historic night in our show's run.

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6/26/2022 10:46 PM

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I'm still crushed over the discord fuckery but it is what it is. Without a doubt my sunday nights would not be the same without y'all. I can't believe we've been doing this stuff for TWO DECADES!

But one way or the other I'll see if I can't record a message or something like bobby did? I'll see what I can do.

I WAS definitely elated and over the moon to the reaction to my 20th anniversary presents... I'm about to go update the wiki but there's a whole new section about episode 2 I recommend checking out! (

but otherwise thanks for an amazing night and the past 20 years of the show!!
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