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Orange Lounge Radio 892 - 11/21/2021

There is a serious problem in the gaming industry that needs to be fixed, and his name is Bobby Kotick. We kick off tonight's show by taking on the latest show of horrors coming out of Activision-Blizzard-King and the decades of toxic culture now known to be set by the person at the very top. What is taking so long for his resignation to be given? We discuss this, and more. Thankfully we have plenty of positives such as the great games we have been playing this week, and a fun new announcement from our favorite indie dev, yyr. All this and much more on a special thanksgiving week episode of the worlds longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!
 Also in the news:
 * GTA Trilogy Updates from Take Two
* Panda to Launch Official Smash Bros Tournaments
* Streamlabs vs. Social Media
* XBOX Classic Games Emulation
 All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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