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Orange Lounge Radio 883 - 09/19/2021

In a surprise move against attacks this week, the servers for some Littlebigplanet title were shut down with no warning. Although Littlebigplanet 3 on PS4 can still play all previously made levels, this still comes as a sad reminder that nothing in the digital age can truly be forever. We talk a little bit about this state in gaming and how it might effect our decisions on what we contribute to. That's certainly not the only headline as we jump into another week of the longest running video game podcast full of gaming news on the show where every gamer has a voice- Orange Lounge Radio!
 Also in the News:
* Gran Turismo 7 Not Much without Internet
* Nintendo Brings Bluetooth Audio to Switch
* Twitch Close to Music Deal?
* Catan World Explorers Closes before it Fully Opens 
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