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Orange Lounge Radio 882 - 08/29/2021

Gamescom happened this week, and with it two large online events showcasing the latest games, including a Microsoft event, and Opening Night Live from The Game Awards team. A new Saints Row game was teased at Opening Night Live, but was it what our resident Saints Row fan LOKI was hoping for? Or were there issues with the way it was announced? We discuss this and much more from the week in gaming. 
Also in the news:
* Metroid Prime 2D Project Shut Down
* MLK Experience in Fortnite
* DDR PC Alpha Test
* Blizzard to change the name of Overwatch's Cowboy
 All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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well shout out to our v/o guy Jason for trying to help me get a hold of an e-amuse pass to check out the DDR PC beta...

unfortunately it didn't work out but I was still able to get in and give it a spin! still pretty fun I played a couple keyboard rounds so far... later on will switch over to my DDR mat + usb-PSX converter see how that goes.
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