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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 848- 12/20/2020

The news that Sony would stop selling digital copies of Cyberpunk 2077 sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry this week. We discuss the issue and who might ultimately be to blame for the game's many refund requests on last gen consoles despite it running fine on more modern consoles and PCs. Is the issue as bad as social media makes it seem? Who might ultimately have to step down as a result? We talk about all this and more in a busy holiday week of gaming news! 
Also in the news:
 * Nintendo Indie World Showcase
* The Big 3 Announce a "Safer Gaming" statement
* EA to now buy Codemasters
* Super Nintendo World Theme Park Update
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12/24/2020 4:18 PM

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I've been loving the heck out of cyberpunk 2077 despite all the problems people are reporting, but I had a funny bit of trivia I found out about the game.

So early in 2020 rupaul had a miniseries launch on netflix called 'aj and the queen' but I found out his co-star in that series actually has a prominent role in CP2077! (at least if what IMDB says is to be believed)

I just thought y'all would appreciate the random trivia.
12/24/2020 4:24 PM

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almost forgot the name! michael leon-wooley
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