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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 792 - 9/15/2019

Tokyo Game Show happened this week, and with the show we got big updates on two highly anticipated titles, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Death Stranding. Has the long playthru videos of these games swayed our opinions on these games one way or another? We discuss live with the chatroom as well as discuss our gaming weeks and other news headlines from the week. 
Also in the news:
* Video Games and the Olympics
* Nintendo Fitness Update
* Gamestop to close Stores
* Apple Arcade Lineup
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La Mulana Quick Look by DarkTetsuya

Download the MP3! - 84MB, 2 hours 58 minutes

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9/15/2019 11:09 PM

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If you want a better look at La-Mulana I posted the video on my YouTube channel here!:

Huge thanks to everyone for their support! (as well as Bobby's tips for doing future videos, I'll be sure to try them when I record my next video!)

When I saw the announcement come out of PAX a few weeks ago, I knew that would be the perfect time to try to do a spotlight video about the game given its upcoming release on consoles! So if I've even convinced one person to check out the game then I feel like I've done my job!
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