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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 751 - 11/4/18

Blizzcon happened this weekend, which brought with it the controversial announcement of Diablo Immortal, a new diablo game designed for mobile phones. The internet has had a negative reaction to the announcement, but is the problem with the game itself, or with the messaging? We get into our takes on how the news could have been presented. We are also joined with special guest Shane, from the old Pokestop Podcast, who stops by to talk about one of the newest games he's played this week which turns out it one of the worst he has EVER played. Also in the news:
* Destiny 2 free on PC for a time
* Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct
* New Undertale Game?
* Youtube to come to the Switch finally?
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On the Diablo Mobile thing, my brother brought up another example of getting the message right.... remember that E3 where they announced the Funk POP Gears of War mobile game... then lead right into the next mainline sequel for XBOX ONE?!

So yeah why couldn't Blizzard have done *that*?!

and just to put it out there I'm glad the rumors about Ken Masters in smash were true! It could certainly be argued he WAS the original echo fighter in 1987 (but that depends if you count Luigi or not, of course :P )
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