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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 742 - 8/19/18

Diablo III is finally confirmed for the Nintendo Switch after months and months of rumors, but some of the ways that the game has been chosen to be revealed have our hosts wearing tin foil hats wondering if there is more afoot. Someone has asked Blizzard what the odds are if there could be more afoot for Overwatch and Starcraft. For one game, the odds aren't so good, but for the other, as one move once said "So you're telling me... there's a chance?" All this news and much more on another week of the show where every gamer has a voice -- Orange Lounge Radio! 
Also in the News:
* Steam TV to compete with Twitch?
* Halo Infinite
* Gone Home on the Switch
* Court blocks GTA Online Cheating Program
 All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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I missed the intro of the show the whole Diablo III Switch thing, and I heard someone else I watch on youtube say 'yeah that snippet they posted had to have been part of a direct they were planning' so I'm inclined to agree! So definitely going to expect a Nintendo Online direct in the next two or three weeks. (if not sooner!)
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