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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 741 - 8/12/18

A very controversial issue regarding used games hit the internet this week after a lawsuit went very public. We get into some heated opinions regarding the sealed "new" game issue then dive into the other stories of the week which include a Smash Bros direct that took place this week. Which new character(s) are we really hyped about? All this and more on another week of Orange Lounge Radio!
Also in the news:
* Diablo projects in the work
* Another ROM site shuts down, but as a preventative measure
* Twitch to remove Communities and add tags
* IGN Review Drama
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8/12/2018 11:50 PM

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There are lots of reasons why Nintendo filed a lawsuit and not "just a DMCA takedown request".

Nintendo didn't just use a DMCA takedown request because those apply to user generated content on a public repository of data. See: YouTube videos, Soundcloud uploads, GitHub repositories, etc. Those are selective content objections filed to site operators that a license holder asks for removal/delisting of infringing works.

In this case not only was it Nintendo content, it was the whole site flagrantly abusing IP laws. Had they issued a takedown request, it would have been sent to LoveROM/Retro's web host, domain registrar, etc. But directly contacting the site operators was relevant because I doubt that had a "DMCA claim fulfillment" section of their site. Additionally, it was also delivered as a legal order due to apparent monetization on the infringing data.
8/13/2018 3:27 PM

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yknow a lot of the first friends I made on the internet were all part of the emulation/ROMs community, so I can definitely appreciate the angle they presented for the debate, that we're preserving these games so that future generations can enjoy them and yes, maybe even learn from them!!

I would totally be okay with Nintendo if they were gonna use their legal muscle on these sites, but also that this 'NES-flix' that they're proposing would cover as much of their NES library as they could get the rights to do!

Yeah I'd be okay with skipping say, Color a Dinosaur but surely at least giving us their entire first-party lineup wouldn't be asking too much, would it? At least SEGA's been good about keeping most of their first-party stuff readily available for anyone that wants to play it.
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