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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 740 - 8/5/18

Fighting games are the talk of the community this weekend as EVO takes place in Las Vegas. Some late breaking news before the show includes an interesting new character for Tekken 7. We take some time to talk about some of our fighting games, and react live to some of the news and results coming out of the contest. There's also plenty of time to talk about our gaming weeks and news, including a messy app allowed on steam that secretly mined for bitcoin. Sounds like Steam might need to watch what they are putting out on their store! 
Also in the news:
* 3DS Bans Pirates similar to Switch last week
* Fortnite Tutors
* Bioware working on secret Mass Effect and Dragon Age projects?
* New Chinese Console with AMD CPU
 All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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