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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 723 - 3/18/18

The issue comes up with Cross-Play again with Microsoft and Epic saying they'd like to see Fortnite with cross-play to more platforms. What do companies have to gain from holding back cross-play? Is there a good reason why cross-play might be disabled? We dive into some of the possibilities at the top of our show, and then hear from Jamie about the new Tomb Raider movie which she caught over the weekend. 
Also in the news:
* Free games with Twitch Prime
* Switch Firmware gets 5.0 but danger if you have a third party dock
* Microsoft to make a Netflix-style gaming service?
* Microtransactions return to Battlefront II
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There's actually a *lot* of mobile games that don't let Android users and iPhone users interact. It's less common now, but I remember it happened almost invariably in previous years. (Tiny Tower and Magikarp Jump come to mind.) Granted, multiplayer isn't central to either of those games' gameplay, but games that hook into Google Play Games vs Apple Game Center don't talk to each other nicely at all.
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