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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 711 - 12/17/17

It's the last live OLR of 2017, and despite some very typical OLR-tangents at the top of the show, we do get into gaming to take a moment and celebrate 30 years of Mega Man by reflecting on some of our favorite moments in the series. Then we talk about the game that's been everywhere this year- Player Unknown BattleGrounds! Is this a game that's getting ripped off too much? The creator has called for better IP protection, but can anything be done? We discuss live with our listeners. 
Also in the news:
* E3 2018 to probably be open to public again
* Soul Calibur 6 Updates
* Zelda Dirt Bike modifications
* Obsidian says no Microtransactions in their next RPG
 All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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