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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 710 - 12/10/17

The BEMANI series, which our show started in celebration of, turned 20 years old this week so we take a look back on some memories from this legendary music game series. We then time warp to the present, where the Game Awards happened this week and brought us some big gaming announcements like a Zelda Breath of the Wild Expansion release, and Bayonetta 3. Yaaas! 
Also in the News:
* PSX 2017
* New Tomb Raider Game
* Pokemon Go Gen 3 update
* Mega Man 11 Announced
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I missed the beginning of the show (was out with my stepdad I actually *had* some latkes for dinner over at 19 handles (the german sausage dish, it was prettty good!) but anyway yeah the MGL/SVGL trip from early 2000?! that was a fun fucking time!

and yeah Death Stranding's preview was the usual kojima mind-fuck... but yeah I agree I think we're ready for some actual gameplay we wanna see some gameplay! Hopefully next E3, for sure.
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