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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 699 - 9/10/17

We are back after a week off while Rob was at DragonCon, and we start by recapping the news from the week we were gone, including news of Miiverse coming to an end. Is this Nintendo social network gone too soon, or was it something that needed to go? We discuss this as well as controversial DRM for Sonic Mania that made it's way onto the Steam release... which of course was hacked within 8 days. You know what they say, #hackersgonnahack. This isn't the only controversy on a week full of hot topics. Join us for this and more on another week of the show where every gamer has a voice!

Also in the news:
* Some Switch games to require extra MicroSD Memory
* Destiny 2 Shaders
* Blizzard eSports Arena
* Nintendo Holiday Switch supply issues

All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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I was on my way to edit this week's show onto the wiki, when I found this description for Episode #503

Stories include Scribblenauts in legal trouble from the creators of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat, one guy blows over $2600 trying to win a $100 Kinect at a carnival, and Pinball FX2 coming to Steam... which rapidly lands the show in the gutter with no shortage of 'balls' jokes...

Some things never change. :P

On a more serious note I'd definitely be down for an RPG Maker game jam of some sort!
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