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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 694 - 7/16/17

Splatoon 2, Valve, Pokemon Go-- All these games we bring up at the top of the show this week to talk about BANS. What games are doing them right? What games aren't doing enough (or maybe too much?) We give our opinion on policing the rules in games, getting input from our live chatroom on their thoughts as well. Of course we still have news to get into this week, including many stories about Virtual Reality! From price cuts to programming help, could this be the year that we really see VR ramping up?

Also in the news:
* Jump subscription service for indie games
* Switch updates including a PacMan Vs multiplayer help app
* Toy Story coming to Kingdom Hearts 3
* Radiohead puts an easter egg on the ZX Spectrum

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Odd that you guys talked about problems with game Kickstarters. I've been pretty reluctant to back anything lately because if the high rate of delayed or abandoned projects. I've backed a ton of games on Kickstarter over the years, and I can only think of one that has ever come out.

Until tomorrow! There's a fun-looking game called Children of Zodiarcs, a tactical RPG heavily influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics and supported by Square Enix. It's coming out tomorrow on PC, Mac, and PS4, making it one if the few projects I've backed that produced an actual game. At least not every Kickstarter game is in extended development limbo.
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