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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 692 - 7/2/17

One Playstation Network title may have taken it's "easy" platinum trophy marketing a bit too far. This causes our hosts and live chatters to have a discussion on achievements and trophies in gaming today. Are they things we like to chase down? Or do we just think it's too much ego... and other words unsafe to print. We also catch up on the week in gaming news, as we have a bit to catch up on after a week off! 
Also in the news: 
* Pokemon Go updates and changes
* Namco Museum on Switch to include Pac Man Vs
* SNES Mini includes Starfox 2
* PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Cross Platform 
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If you have a certain Achievement score on Xbox 360/Xbox One, you get a discount in their online store. It goes up in tiers, it's apart of their Xbox Rewards Programme. So Microsoft are doing something, albeit, they don't talk about this programme much thus, a lot of Xbox owners don't even know about it.

I wish they would bring back the Avatar Rewards on Xbox One. You could unlock stuff for your avatar on certain games on Xbox 360. I remember there was a lot of goof on Xbox 360, and it seems to have disappeared, it's like Microsoft grew up or something. It was always funny seeing my avatar in games, he has a giant Johnny Gat head and Kazuya outfit. BRING BACK THE GOOF.

I honestly think the NES/SNES Mini Classics should of been software for the Switch. They're already making 3 pieces of hardware, which they can't make fast enough. Throw in a wired/wireless controller and they'd make bank, not to mention more accessible to purchase. Nintendo is selling us a razor and the customer not buying razors, if they took the Switch approach, people might buy razors, but peoples nostalgia, what ya gonna do. That's how I thought of it anyway and yes, all the pre-orders are gone, even in the U.K. no doubt a lot of them are going to scalpers, who pre-ordered from different websites, even though it says 1 per customer.

A perfect world would be that the online retailers work together to stop these scummy fucks, but I doubt that will ever happen. In the U.K. Nintendo have an online store furfilled by a third party, maybe keeping the SNES Mini exclusive to them for a few months might of been a good idea. A scalper having a few addresses they can send to, versus pre-ordering from different websites could've cut down on it.
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