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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 688 - 5/28/17

What's the furthest you've ever traveled to play a video game? We talk about our adventures over the years, as well as our chatters on this special Memorial Day episode, a weekend where lot of people are traveling. We also celebrate with a little homemade liquor, which causes the tangent train to pull into the station a little longer than usual. Choo choo!

Also in the news:
* Beam renamed and introduces Co-Streaming
* Castlevania on Netflix trailer
* New Seaman game?
* Xbox Game Pass

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5/30/2017 6:36 PM

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You guys could probably do one of those OLR Gaming nights in Mixer, and have a couple of streamers playing the same game as you showing on the page.
6/11/2017 4:48 PM

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You know, I'm almost disappointed that Skie didn't question what I've done in the way of travels plus gaming. :P ... I'll break it down like most of you seem to have - travel that happens to include gaming, and travel specifically for gaming.

The first category, to my recollection, is exclusive to going to Ann Arbor to play DDR 5th mix - heck, this trip, combined with the hours of the arcade and an overnight transit option the city has, was the origin of my “weekend off work with no hotel” mini trips.

Travel that just happens to include game stops? For me, where does it start and end? LOL I mean, I’ve done D&B Times Square for DDR X, Chinatown Fair for… whatever DDR they had, I’ve done Round 1, both Eastridge and Bloomingdale (Chicago), I remember D&B Roseville cluing me into the fact that D&B can even have DDR (an X, at that point). Just a few months ago I used Hitstun’s suggestion of Gotcha Gachapon in Columbus as one excuse to go to that city… I’m also currently planning on going to D&B Dallas… tomorrow, at this point, as an excuse to play an Ace )though recent developments with my knee mean I’ll be sticking to basic stepcharts and keeping jumps off), in addition to hitting Round 1 Eastridge again to suck at music games in general again. :)
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